Where are the top 3 Malaria-free regions for family safaris in South Africa?

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South Africa is a magnet for travellers seeking diversity in all if its glory, a simple two week journey can incorporate so many different experiences and contrasting landscapes. One of the added bonuses is that it offers the chance to observe magnificent wildlife, in areas that are 100 % malaria free.

This is a huge relief for families with young children, pregnant women, or travellers who are not keen on the idea of consuming malaria prophylaxes while on holiday. It means that you can still visit Africa and see the wonderful wildlife it is known for!

So, which areas offer an authentic and luxury safari experience with the opportunity to see all of South Africa’s most phenomenal wildlife, but without the concern of contracting malaria?

The Waterberg is a vast and breath-taking wilderness region that is more than three million years old and lies in an intercontinental divergence zone, holding a greater variety of plants and animals than anywhere else in Africa! Only a few hours by road from Johannesburg, it is indescribably beautiful and still very much off the beaten track meaning fewer crowds, which I love!

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Here you will find a handful of family friendly camps and retreats where in addition to traversing the stunning landscape by traditional safari drives, you can find a range of activities to keep children blissfully occupied…

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Pony riding, mini rangers courses (with a final graduation and certificate awarding!), mountain bike trails, sleep outs under the stars, and even swimming in river rapids are just a few of the wonderful ways that families can while away the hours of a stay in the Waterberg..

The Madikwe private game reserve lies right up in the north of the country, close to the border of Botswana. Home to all of the Big 5 animals, and with a very healthy population of wild dog, this is another superb way to go for a malaria free wildlife experience.

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Wildlife sightings are abundant and there is ample to do for the whole family... the lodges here are fully geared towards hosting families and one can expect children’s photographic safaris, treasure hunts to find snakes skins, nests, and bones as well as private kiddies barbecues in the evenings, where hotdogs are cooked and lessons on the night sky are taught.

It is a place for children to learn, be engaged and submerged in nature and to make friends from around the world.

The Eastern Cape region has a small number of private reserves, in addition to the Addo Elephant National Park. Again, the lodges here are exceptional in their dealings with children and offer many different activities to keep children entertained and glowing throughout their stay.

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From baking bread and biscuits with the head chef, to swimming, playing cricket with elephant dung, and even mini spa treatments for girls, the lodges here are just perfect for a memorable family safari.

The Addo National Park is home to more than 550 elephants which is one of its big draws, and on a smaller note, it is also home to the humble ‘Addo flightless dung beetle’, found almost exclusively in this region.

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A family safari is about finding time out to really bond together and enjoy the precious moments of being in Africa, whether watching a sunrise from a rocky outcrop over a hot chocolate, or discussing what was learnt about each animal and plant while on a drive with your ranger.

There is something for everyone to enjoy and without the concern of malaria, it is the perfect way to go for peace of mind on your holiday to South Africa.

Background image, headline image and Madikwe image courtesy of Madikwe safari lodge.

Waterberg images courtesy of Marataba safari lodge and Jembisa.

Eastern Cape images courtesy of Kwandwe Private Game Reserve.


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Posted by: Catherine Fouche

Posted on: 28th October 2016

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