Where can you 'bake a cake' on a Family Safari in Africa?

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With baking having become the new fashionable hobby spanning all generations we cannot ignore the trend! On family safaris (our favourite type of safari) baking is an essential ingredient to ensure younger children have fun!

Part of the fun of a family safari is keeping everyone active and interested. This means a diversity of experience! So, after tracking wildlife on foot or in a vehicle, learning about which plants and trees are used for medicinal properties as well as general use, such as the toothbrush tree or the toilet paper shrub, one learns that the ancient Baobab tree emits cream of tartar – a baking ingredient – from its seeds!

But a real joy is getting into the kitchen and learning to bake some of the most wonderful cakes, biscuits and array of savoury delights with a team of chefs around you and most importantly, with other people to do the washing up!

Or to go outside in the wild, where one marvels at the dexterity and ingenious fare that is produced by these extraordinary chefs with an oven which is dug deep in the earth’s soil. Bake the most fabulous bread to accompany your evening supper around the fire, beneath the stars! It simply doesn’t get better than this!

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Many luxury family safaris offer this opportunity, as part of an overall, holistic safari which teaches children the wonders of nature (so often forgotten when spending time with tablets and mobile phones!), teaching them skills of our forefathers, how to make bows and arrows and how to use them, how to bead jewellery and belts and how to make fires with no matches.

In the early summer months, go on frogging expeditions to catch frogs and watch their mating rituals, or learn to fish and perhaps pole a canoe. Learn too about the night sky in the southern hemisphere and how to identify the different constellations and galaxies.

Intermingle with different cultures – probably the most important aspect of any children’s safari – as the people of Africa are so warm and welcoming, especially where younger children are concerned!

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Whether it is swapping stories over an open fire, toasting marshmallows or playing a game of football with the local children, it’s all about engaging and learning about unique customs and culture.

So – before it’s too late and your children have grown up, indulge them in one of the greatest holidays or vacations one could ever bestow on them – and take them for a walk on the wild side – into the heart of Africa.

There are the most fabulous family safaris here – from malaria free South Africa, to the most wonderful wildlife and culturally rich Kenya and Tanzania. Or why not take the children quad biking on the Makgadikgadi salt pans in Botswana, and see them learning all about the magnificent San people, who educate their children through folklore?


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Posted by: Nicola Shepherd

Posted on: 3rd October 2016

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