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Elephant Back Safari lead.jpg

Elephant Back Safari

Wading through the crystal clear waters of the Okavango Delta on the back of an elephant, with elephant calves at your heels, alongside their mother, is a completely indescribable experience!
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Why Choose a Luxury Safari in Africa?

Everybody enjoys life's little comforts and being on safari is no different! Having a few luxuries around you makes the experience that much more enjoyable and memorable!
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Zimbabwe Luxury Safari

For the very best wildlife, scenery and overall safari experience, Zimbabwe offers all of this and more!
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How to experience the best African safari

Where is the best safari in Africa? This is a question we receive frequently and the answer depends very much upon you! Kenya and Tanzania offer you the greatest concentrations of wildlife with the wildebeest migration which travels through the Serengeti-Masai Mara eco-system.
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Where to Enjoy The Best Family Holidays

The very best family holiday, in my opinion, is a safari. A safari offers absolutely everything and is a fun filled holiday, whether a young child or a teenager, and perfection is then ending up on the coast or sailing around an island at the end.
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The Best Places to Experience a Gorilla Safari lead.jpg

The Best Places to Experience a Gorilla Safari

East Africa offers the very best gorilla tracking safaris, in Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo. The western lowland gorilla can be found in the Congo whilst the mountain gorillas can be seen in Uganda and Rwanda.
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What is the best safari in Kenya?

This is of course, very subjective - but clearly the best safari in Kenya should comprise of four elements - a private 4 x 4 vehicle and a private guide, flying between each safari region, concentrated wildlife and few tourists!
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What to expect from a luxury safari

The word 'luxury' is a subjective one. What is one person's idea of luxury is another person's idea of hell, especially on a safari. Happily, we cater right across the board on a luxury level, for those seeking the ultimate safari.
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Lion Safaris in Africa lead.jpg

Lion Safaris in Africa

For those seeking something much deeper in terms of understanding and who would like to contribute towards the monitoring and ultimately, the survival of the African lion in Kenya, this is an experience which we can specially provide for clients of the Explorations Company.
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Where are the best big cat safaris in Africa lead.jpg

Where are the best big cat safaris in Africa?

Apex predators are animals that have no natural predators of their own, residing at the top of the food chain. We have selected the finest regions to see cheetah, lion and leopard in Africa.
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What makes the Best Safari in Tanzania lead.jpg

What makes the Best Safari in Tanzania?

Undoubtedly, the reason that most people take a safari vacation or holiday, is that they want to see animals - and lots of them! Coupled with the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, Tanzania offers some of the most unrivaled wildlife viewing in Africa!
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What is a flying safari lead.jpg

What is a flying safari?

When time is limited and you want to pack in as much as Africa can offer you, or you simply want to explore way off the beaten track, then nothing comes close to the ultimate way of being on safari - a flying safari which achieves all of these objectives!
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Where are the best child friendly safaris lead.jpg

Where are the best child friendly safaris?

Having just returned from Botswana with my own family, I can enthusiastically recommend this wonderful country as being one of the best regions in Africa for a child friendly safari.
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Non Malarial Safaris lead.jpg

Non Malarial Safaris

These safaris are predominantly either for families with very young children or for perhaps women who are pregnant or for anyone who is on medication and perhaps cannot take anti malarial tablets.
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Festival on Ibo Island, Mozambique.

The most famous annual festival on Ibo Island in Mozambique is called Kueto Siriwala, meaning “to not forget your roots, regardless of how far away from home you are”.
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Interesting Festivals in Africa

The next time you contemplate travelling on a safari, perhaps you might like to take in a festival, such as a wine festival in the Cape, South Africa or a music and cultural festival in Mozambique or perhaps the Lamu festival in Kenya whilst ending your safari at a beautiful beach lodge.
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Family Safaris Botswana

Having lived in the Okavango Delta over twenty years ago, I was keen to take my own family on safari to Botswana to show them just how beautiful and breathtaking this country is.
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Where are the Best Kenya Family Safaris?

Coming from Kenya and having taken my own family on safari there most years, I am quite clear about what makes a family safari to this country so successful. It offers great diversity - which is key - as there is so much more to just game viewing!
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What are the best Safari experiences in South Africa

We are so often asked, where is the best safari in South Africa? The question is subjective, of course, as it entirely depends upon you as an individual and what is best for you, along with what your likes and dislikes are! However, with specialists from South Africa we are in the best position to give you the most accurate advice!
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The Best Africa Photography Safari

Photographic Safaris in Africa - and how to get the best out of your photography whilst on safari in Africa!
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Where are the best family safaris in Africa?

It is difficult to say unequivocally just what the perfect family safari is, for as you well know, in 25 years, we have never assembled two family safaris the same as the requirement is different for each family. I am lucky enough to take my own family on safari each year and to see, as they grow older, how their requirements change.
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Best Family Safaris in Kenya and South Africa

Depending upon how adventurous the parents are, we often turn to South Africa for families with very young children – perhaps 5 years and younger – as being non malarial, some families feel happier about this – (but that’s another topic!)
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