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Out of bounds Japan – by private invitation only!

Chinmay Vasavada By Chinmay Vasavada
18 Jul 2017
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Leisure travel can be characterised in two ways - vacation and journey. A vacation often focuses on the frills and indulgence, as its purpose is to relax and rejuvenate.

A journey on the other hand is more holistic and edifying, as its purpose is to explore, discover and understand not only the world, but also one’s own self. A journey is all about encounters.


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Extraordinary journeys involve extraordinary encounters that would allow the traveller to scratch beneath the surface. Although exclusivity has become somewhat common place in today’s materialistic world, Japan remains one of the few traditional and closed societies where money does not buy access. For the discerning traveller, luxury takes a different meaning in this part of the world.


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Luxury in Japan is:

 - Not just about participating in a tea ceremony in a charming tea house, it’s about learning the art and philosophy behind the tradition with a direct descendant of a historic tea master

 - It’s not just about gazing at futuristic buildings of Tokyo, it’s about viewing the buildings through the eyes of the finest experts on urban planning and architecture 

 - It’s not just about visiting a historic temple in Kyoto brimming with thousands of tourists, it’s about appreciating the serenity and spirituality of the place led by the head monk

 - It’s not just about having a meal at a fine dining restaurant, it’s about gaining access to the finest trendsetting Michelin-starred and ‘introduction only’ restaurants

 - It’s not just about admiring Japanese pottery in well-known galleries, it’s about understanding the art by meeting the renowned masters who created it


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It is not always necessary to compromise on creature comforts and travel to remote places in order to have authentic experiences. One can avoid the masses and go completely off-the-beaten-track even in the most touristy of places.


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Crafting such immersive and exceptional experiences requires access to expert knowledge. Whether you wish to:

 - Cycle along the country’s sublime coastline 

 - Hike along the ancient pilgrimage routes in the sacred mountains

 - Experience a temple stay and participate in the morning prayers with the monks

 - Delve into the mysterious worlds of samurais and geishas

 - Trek or ski in the Japanese Alps

 - Meet with the legendary ama divers and Sumo wrestlers

 - Or discover the delights of Japanese cuisine, crafts and architecture



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The real Japan lies in the realm that is out of bounds to most visitors unless you know how to access it!


  • Noh Theatre, Japan, copyright Ishikawa Prefecture Tourist Association and Kanazawa Convention Bureau and JNTO.jpg