Where are the very best and most exclusive places in India?

Davina Roberts By Davina Roberts
24 Jul 2017
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With such a vast wealth of places to visit and sights to see, it can sometimes be quite overwhelming when considering which regions to include in a journey to India, for first and even second time visitors.

In my experience, as well as places, people remember people, and those who travel to India often come back having made new friends as well as vivid memories.


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In my opinion, some of the best places to stay therefore are the owner-managed, family run boutique hotels and lodges, where an intimate atmosphere prevails and where every guest is welcomed with great warmth and the hospitality is second to none.

This is the key to not only feeling relaxed but also to understanding an area and culture. Of course, it is also great fun to stay in an opulent palace, full of history and splendour. What better place could there be than India to do this and to soak up the atmosphere of ‘days gone by’?


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Having an excellent guide or host is vital to any journey and India is no different. If you have a specific interest then there are doors to be opened and hidden places to be discovered.

Specialist guides such as professors, photographic experts, the most knowledgeable naturalists, directors of NGOs, vastly experienced trekking guides and art dealers are all the best way to benefit the most from wherever you wish to visit. It can even be arranged to have a superb guide accompany you throughout an entire journey.


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For those who are time poor, or just don’t like the idea of long drives, private charters make light work of travelling.

In Rajasthan why not request drinks with a Maharajah, where one has the opportunity to hear a personal perspective on how life in India has changed for them in recent years. Private dinners can also be arranged in forts, sundowners with outstanding views over lakes or in the desert, musicians performing in palace courtyards and rides in vintage cars.


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However, there is also another way of experiencing your very own India, something quite unique, a pioneering venture in India that will allow those fortunate enough to experience it a true insight into areas where no other tourist has been before. This is a private mobile tented camp, which currently operates in Madhya Pradesh in the winter months and Ladakh in the summer months.


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The concept is to show truly inquisitive minds a genuinely undiscovered experience of India, using the very best guides in the most remote areas offering the opportunity to see rural and tribal life as well as incredible historic forts and fabulous scenery, all in the best comfort possible that a mobile camp can offer.


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Wilderness walks, varied wildlife including spectacular birdlife, alfresco picnics and exploring little visited bustling towns are all experiences which await those who choose to include this camp in their Indian adventure.

Spiritual adventures and journeys of self-discovery and rejuvenation await those who visit India!


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