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India -Tea Plantations - Glenburn - Tea with a Private View of Mt Kanchenjunga.jpg

What are India's best tea plantation hotels?

Lush tea gardens spread across vast stretches of undulating hills have always lured travelers with their beauty. Offering mountainous terrain and lush vegetation you will be spoilt by incredible vistas while staying on some of the best tea plantation hotels in India.
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A first timer’s guide to exploring Rajasthan

India is the visual explosion of bright sarees, cows pretending to be natural roundabouts, marigolds and lots of sunshine. It is everything, and more, all at once. An orchestra thanks to beeping horns, high-speed Hindi and the cawing of thousands of crows.
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Sustainable Travel India - Samthar - Awake and Shine school classroom.jpg

How is 'Sustainable Travel' helping children in India's Samthar Valley?

In the Samthar Valley of West Bengal, sustainable travel is directly benefitting local communities through investments in infrastructure, environmental projects and educating local children at the inspired Awake and Shine School.
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Kenya - Cookery classes - Antonia's kitchen - lesson.jpg

How to create Kenyan bush cuisine like a professional.

Antonia’s Kitchen offers fabulous inspirational bush cookery courses in the Kenyan bush, where guests will learn to cook with passion, imagination, flair and lots of laughs!
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Sacred Valley - family brunch at Misminay - source Condor Travel.jpg

Why Peruvian Cuisine is ''The Next Big Revolution".

One of the great pleasures of travelling is a chance to try local dishes that are completely different to those one would try at home and use unique local ingredients. Peru is definitely at the top of our list when it comes to fabulous gourmet experiences, often found in the most unlikely places.
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South Africa - Cape Town - Cape Malay spices - iStock_87865969_med.jpg

What are the 11 key ingredients of South Africa's Cape Malay cuisine?

The next time you find yourself in the city of Cape Town, make a turn past the vibrant Bo Kaap district to spend an afternoon on a savoury safari, creating a spread of spice-infused curries and snacks that are typical of Cape Malay cuisine.
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Mexico City - Local Market - source JM.jpg

Why do Mexicans get so heated about their food?

Mexico has to be one of my favourite destinations in Latin America. Not just for its coast, although of course it boasts some sublime scenery, but mostly for its passionate embrace of all things that offer enjoyment of life: art, music, celebrated culture, history & tradition, colour, wildlife and, of course, food.
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Nepal - Culinary - Dwarikas Dhulikhel - Zero Zone Terrace Breakfast.jpg

Where is the Best Culinary Experience in the Himalayas?

At the turn of the 21st Century Nepal was considered a barren land in terms of cuisine. Bland curries were the staple of most hotels. But, sixteen years on, there has been an absolute sea change both in Kathmandu itself and further afield in villages such as Dhulikhel.
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Asia - Bhutan - Thimphu - old lady photo2.jpg

Bhutan’s top 3 off the beaten track treasures

I recently had an opportunity to explore the fascinating kingdom of Bhutan, often called the Land of Happiness. The amazing monasteries, the beautiful villages and their ever so cheerful people as well as the magnificent mountainous scenery - Bhutan is heavenly!
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Namibia 178.jpg

4 enchanting secret desert gems in Southern Africa

Lucia Van Der Post, the well-known writer for the Financial Times’ How To Spend It magazine, recently travelled to Botswana and Namibia for a life-changing desert experience, meeting the precious cultures of the San people that have lived here for tens of thousands of years.
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Tanzania - Cultural - Hadzabe Hadza

Wonderful cultural experiences whilst on safari in Tanzania and Kenya

The main reason the vast majority of first-time visitors to East Africa make the crucial decision to go on a safari is to see the wildlife. But it isn’t until one gets to Africa that a truism kicks in: it’s the people you meet that make your stay even more special and memorable.
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Asia Blog 040815 Luxury holidays to The River Ganges 3.jpg

Luxury holidays to The Ganges River & Varanasi

This is a perfect holiday to The Ganges River, which is the spiritual heart of India and where it is better known as Mother Ganga. For visitors, to immerse one’s self in this sacred river has the effect of washing away any previous negative karma.
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Asia Blog 260615 Ladakh 4.jpg

Exploring the Stunningly Beautiful Regions of Ladakh

Historically, Ladakh as a region encompasses a patchwork of several inspiring landscapes. However contemporary Ladakh borders Tibet to the east, the Lahaul and Spiti to the south, the Vale of Kashmir regions to the west and the trans-Kunlun territory of Xingjian to the far north. Ladakh’s USP is its remote mountain beauty and culture.
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India Tiger Safaris.jpg

Jamtara Wilderness Camp in Madhya Pradesh

Jamtara Wilderness Camp is the only camp located at the northern entrance to Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh and this is just one advantage of this superb camp. It is the creation of a truly passionate wildlife enthusiast, Amit Sankhala, who has himself spent a vast amount of time in the Indian jungle.
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Homestays in India, Sri Lanka & Nepal

Staying at establishments which are owner managed is becoming increasingly popular, allowing one to experience the subcontinent in a far better way. An owner managed retreat or a home stay is similar in concept to that of a bed and breakfast.
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Blog - Lat Am - Arg - Home Stays 1 - Cordoba - Estancia Los Potreros - sitting room2.jpg

Where are the best Homestays in Latin America?

While Cuba’s Home stays are hard to beat in our book for an under-the-skin experience, offering a privileged window into everyday life, there are other places in Latin America where Home stays are also possible.
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The Lost Kingdoms of South America.jpeg

The Lost Kingdoms of South America

This fascinating series of documentaries was first shown in January 2013 on BBC4 and is presented by the engaging Dr Jago Cooper who looks into some of South America’s forgotten civilisations and the legacy of once mighty empires that extended over huge areas at the height of their success.
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World Cup ‘Futebol’!.jpg

World Cup ‘Futebol’!

The FIFA World Cup is coming to Brazil in 2014, which will be met with unbridled enthusiasm amongst many fans, bringing the biggest tournament of the ‘beautiful game’ to a country that is perhaps one of the most passionate in the world about the sport.
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The Mysteries of Easter Island.jpg

The Mysteries of Easter Island

I recently watched a repeat of last years' fascinating BBC4 documentary about the remote and tiny Pacific island of Easter Island which reminded me of the extraordinary diversity of territories and spectacular landscapes that encompass Chilean territories, from the driest desert in the world in Atacama in the north to vast sparkling blue ice fields of Patagonia and to this remote Polynesian island located far out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, famous for its distinctive and massive rock sculptures.
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Colombia in Style.jpg

Colombia in Style

Colombia has, in recent years, become one of Latin America’s hottest new destinations and with very good reason. Its people are so incredibly welcoming, it has everything from Amazon rainforest to wild rugged coastline overlooking the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, gorgeous colonial towns, some of the best coffee in the world and a whole host of fascinating colonial and archaeological treasures to explore. With the welcome news that the country’s airline Avianca has managed to secure landing slots at London’s Heathrow airport, this fascinating and colourful country is even more accessible than ever if you are looking for the perfect luxury holiday to Colombia.
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What are the Best Mexico Holidays.jpg

What are the Best Mexico Holidays?

Mexico is a wonderful country that offers so much diversity beyond its standard image of beach holidays, albeit that there are indeed quite spectacular beach destinations and properties here! We would love to help you get under the skin of beautiful Mexico on your own bespoke journey, be it a romantic getaway or a family holiday. We love Mexico for its people, its spectacular landscapes, the food, music, art, history and even unique wildlife encounters and we would love to help you uncover its hidden treasures for yourself.
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Top Travel Tips for South America Rail Journeys.jpg

Top Travel Tips for South America: Rail Journeys

There is a special something about travelling by train. And we are not talking of packed local trains or high speed commuter routes, we mean those iconic rail journeys that wend their way gracefully through spectacular scenery, perhaps cutting through impossibly mountainous terrain, small local towns or alongside lush river valleys.
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Top Travel Tips for South America Bird's Eye View.jpg

Top Travel Tips for South America: Bird's Eye View

Journeying through spectacular and remote landscapes often means slowing down the pace a little so you can absorb the beauty around you, perhaps chat to a member of a local community as you rest and generally take it all in. Whether trekking, by 4wd or on horse-back, these often become very special journeys. But there are times when the sheer scale and drama of what you wish to see can only truly be appreciated from the air.
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Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - carnival medium.jpg

The Ultimate Fiesta at Rio Carnival!

No-one does a party quite like the Brazilians. Every body young and old can dance to the samba beat and they adore music, good company, food and of course costumes, colour and glamour. Carnival is a huge festival all over Latin America, just prior to Ash Wednesday, and this long week-end truly epitomizes the Latinos’ love of a great celebration.
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Where to enjoy the Fiesta in Latin America! lead.jpg

Where to enjoy the Fiesta in Latin America!

Latin America is THE place for festivals from more sombre but very dramatic and elaborate religious processions to lively and energetic fiestas which are a riot of colour, music, noise and general festivities. Latinos rarely need too much excuse to hold a party or to dress up and get together, that is for sure.
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Himalayan Holidays.jpg

Himalayan Holidays

The great soaring peaks of the Himalayas, stretching in a vast arc across the north-eastern borders of the subcontinent – and indeed defining the subcontinent – are today one of the last natural wonderlands of the world.
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Luxury Kerala Holidays.jpg

Luxury Kerala Holidays

Kerala can now offer a fantastic experience to the discerning traveller. Nowhere in India will you find a more gentle and relaxed state than Kerala; tucked away in the south west corner, between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats.
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Luxury North India Rajasthan.jpg

Luxury North India Rajasthan

Rajasthan can be daunting if you are a first-time traveller to this region and you want more than just a “Golden Triangle holiday”. How to plan such a holiday? How to avoid the pitfalls or mass market tourism? How to make sure the holiday is of the right quality? How to engender sufficient intellectual stimulation?
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Best Luxury Tours of India.jpg

Best Luxury Tours of India

In November last year I set out on a holiday to rediscover Shimla, the erstwhile summer capital in Oberoi style. It’s one of the best luxury tours of India! I boarded an express train at the Delhi railway station to Kalka, one of the major rail junctions connecting the North Western foothills. On arriving at Kalka, I was whisked through the crowds to board the quaint little Himalayan Queen that embarked on a 96 km journey to Shimla offering an unforgettable experience.
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Unique must-do experiences in Sri Lanka lead.jpg

Unique must-do experiences in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has seduced travellers for centuries. Marco Polo described it as the finest island of its size in the world, while successive waves of Indian, Arab and European traders and adventurers flocked to its palm-fringed shores, attracted by reports of rare spices, precious stones and magnificent elephants.
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