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Tanzania - Fanjove Island - hammock hdr.JPG

What are the 3 most perfect Island getaways in Tanzania?

Whilst everyone has probably heard of the island Zanzibar, not everyone has heard of Pemba, Mafia, Fanjove and Thanda Islands. These are the kinds of places you would beg to be marooned on!
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Ecuador rainforest - Mindo - Mashpi Lodge - Panoramic Lodge View hdr.jpg

Mashpi Lodge Ecuador - Paradise in the Clouds of the Rainforest

I love diminutive (by Latin America standards) Ecuador, in fact, at the risk of being accused of favouritism, I have rather a soft spot for it. Perhaps because it is often overlooked by visitors in favour of its larger neighbour Peru or even by its scene-stealing islands, the Galapagos Islands. This is a shame because it has some amazing treasures of its own.
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Oman - Six Senses Zighy Bay - Pool Villa.jpg

Relax in Oman's Zighy Bay as recommended by Conde Nast Traveller

Perfectly hidden away on the Musandam Peninsula in the far north of Oman, and just an easy two-hour drive from Dubai, is the exquisite Six Senses Zighy Bay.
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South Africa Winelands - Babylonstoren - farmhouse spa.jpg

Why is Babylonstoren on Conde Nast's Gold List for 2017?

Babylonstoren has to be my favourite place in The Winelands, so I'm delighted that it has been chosen as one of the Best Hotels in the World by Conde Nast Traveller. It lies in the picturesque Drakenstein Valley between Franschhoek and Paarl and is surrounded by the Simonsberg, Du Toitskloof and Franschhoek Mountains.
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Zambia - Livingstone - Royal Chundu - deck - bkgrnd.jpg

What did Conde Nast's readers select as the Best in Africa?

I recently read a copy of the Conde Nast Traveler and was delighted to see that many of my very favourite properties in Africa were featured on the Readers’ Choice Awards 2016 for Africa.
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Tanzania - Sustainable travel - Malagarasi - camp along river.jpg

Why is Malagarasi in Tanzania an Eden for 'Sustainable Tourism?

I recently spent a month in Tanzania where I had the luxury and privilege of experiencing Malagarasi – Tanzania’s perfect Eden, where the owners have been conserving wildlife and working with locals using sustainable travel, in a labour of love.
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Lake Malawi - Kaya Mawa - beach deck.jpg

Explore the most idyllic luxury beach holiday in Malawi

Lake Malawi is so vast that spending time on its foreshore along the lake seems like a beach holiday. Likoma Island, where I stayed on my recent visit to Malawi, is without a doubt the most idyllic location on the lake.
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South Africa - Waterberg - Jembisa - first safari holiday.jpg

What to expect on your first African safari holiday

Touching down on African soil again during a recent visit reminded me of how excited I was the very first time I travelled on safari in this most wonderful of continents. This visit, like every other, did not disappoint and all of those wonderful memories and feelings came flooding back as if I was reliving that very first time all over again.
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India - Kerala - Fish market = iStock_19958878_ v2.jpg

How does Kerala's Malabar cuisine differ from India's other spicy recipes?

On any journey through India it soon becomes clear that there is no such thing as “typical” Indian food. The regional Malabar cuisine of Kerala is unlike anything else on the subcontinent and the best way to experience it is by a homestay and cookery classes at Ayesha Manzil.
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Nepal - Culinary - Dwarikas Dhulikhel - Zero Zone Terrace Breakfast.jpg

Where is the Best Culinary Experience in the Himalayas?

At the turn of the 21st Century Nepal was considered a barren land in terms of cuisine. Bland curries were the staple of most hotels. But, sixteen years on, there has been an absolute sea change both in Kathmandu itself and further afield in villages such as Dhulikhel.
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Asia - Nepal - Rice paddy fields - Istock med.jpg

Why you should visit Nepal on your next holiday

Nepal is a treasure. Diverse, breathtakingly beautiful, utterly friendly, spiritually profound and an excellent destination for fabulous activities including, of course, stunning trekking potential, Nepal has it all.
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Mozambique - Benguerra beach.jpg

A luxury beach holiday in Mozambique

I recently visited a truly stunning corner of the globe, the Bazaruto region of Mozambique, consisting of the town of Vilanculos and its glittering archipelago of un-spoilt islands. Here you can have the most relaxing and unique island holiday.
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Time + Tide Miavana Madagascar (55) 2.jpg

Top 10 Epic and Unforgettable Holidays

I don’t know about you, but I have got to that stage in life where I am simply not prepared to undertake any form of travel whatsoever unless it falls under the epic and unforgettable journeys title. After all – if it’s not going to be truly sensational, memorable and mind blowing – why travel at all?
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Norman Carr Safaris - Liuwa Plain (48) - Copy 2.jpg

Explore Liuwa Plains Zambia and Nosy Ankao Island in Madagascar

The ultimate, get away from it all, chic, luxury safari, perfect for somebody searching for a pristine, untouched Africa with five star luxury accommodation. Start your safari adventure exploring a completely new luxury property in the magnificent Liuwa Plains National Park.
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Kenya - Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage

How can my luxury holiday to Africa remain sustainable & responsible?

How can you help Africa’s endangered wildlife and environment and support local cultures and communities whilst still enjoying the splendour of this magnificent continent? By ensuring that your luxury safari holiday is taken sustainably and supports important projects.
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Zambia - Upper Zambezi - Tongabezi.jpg

Where are the best places to visit on a Zambia safari holiday?

If you’ve never been to Zambia before, you are in for a wonderful surprise. The pristine wilderness is unspoilt by mass tourism, is teeming with wildlife and has some of the friendliest folk in Africa.
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Luxury villas for a holiday to Sri Lanka - Eden villas swimming pool 3.jpg

Stay in stunning villas - the ultimate luxury holiday to Sri Lanka

If you are looking to take the whole family or a group of friends away for some rest and relaxation or even to celebrate a big occasion, then look no further than Sri Lanka. The island has much to offer for everyone, but what has really caught my attention recently are the impressive villas available on the south coast.
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How has Zakouma in Chad become a 'sustainable travel' success story?

Safaris to Africa have just become even more exciting! As an experienced safari goer myself, who is always on the lookout for something new and interesting in Africa, I recently had the privilege of going on Safari to Chad which would offer the most amazing all encompassing safari for the more intrepid traveller, seeking the finest experience in exclusivity and private guiding in a pristine wilderness.
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Gorillas Uganda (2).JPG

Gorilla Trekking in Virunga National Park

Are you looking for something new and different? I came across two extraordinary safaris during a recent visit to a country that few tourists visit - the Democratic Republic of the Congo. So why the DRC I hear you ask? Exclusivity! Unlike its neighbouring countries of Rwanda and Uganda, here one can trek gorillas – both mountain and the smaller, rarer western lowland with just yourself and your guide for most of the time.
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Where are the great places to hang out in South America.jpg

Where are the great places to hang out in South America?

Cities are always evolving. The district that was a no-go area a few years ago may be the hip place to be seen this year. Discovering the latest places to go usually means that there is a great energy about staying there and there are fun places to go and mingle with locals as everyone is heading to that quarter and its new vibe. Knowing where the great places to hang out in are all well and good but is there anywhere decent to stay?
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Latin America Bespoke Holidays.jpg

Latin America Bespoke Holidays

We pride ourselves on creating the most unique and hand-picked holidays to Latin America that are tailored each and every time to exactly what you want to experience when visiting this vibrant and diverse continent. Whether you wish to observe some of its unique and rare wildlife, take a personal adventure on foot or on horseback through dense rainforest or over wild mountain ranges or whether you want to meet some of its inimitable and colourful characters, we aim to make your own dreams come to life, whatever it takes!
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When is the best time to visit South America.jpg

When is the best time to visit South America?

South America is a vast and varied continent with a spectacular diversity of landscapes, climatic environments, cultures and people. Its vibrant music and colourful communities fire up the imagination like no other continent.
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When is the best time to visit Costa Rica.jpg

When is the best time to visit Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a fascinating little country in Central America: very safe and easy to get around because of its size, offering a fabulous diversity of wildlife, ecosystems and stunning landscapes and some of the friendliest local people you are likely to meet.
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A Gourmet Taste of Latin America.jpg

A Gourmet Taste of Latin America

Latin America has a varied gastronomic heritage that until recent years was very little known outside of the continent. But with an ever-growing rise in popularity of a greater diversity in gourmet delights and as our palates become ever more adventurous, the delicious specialities of South and Central America are gradually becoming more widely known.
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Our favourite Rooms with a View lead.jpg

Our favourite Rooms with a View

Much as we love it when the British summer finally comes around – the sun is out for a while, we are almost at the longest day of the year, it’s strawberry season, Wimbledon is about to begin… But when the clouds roll back over and the days get shorter again, where do we wistfully think we would rather be?
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Bhutan Holiday.jpg

Bhutan Holiday

A Bhutan holiday is quite an extraordinary experience. Bhutan truly is one of the Earth’s blessed Acres. It’s a small country with a very low population density – itself a unique gift in over-populated south Asia
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Bespoke Tailor Made Holidays to India.jpg

Bespoke Tailor Made Holidays to India

My most recent trip to South India gave me the opportunity to explore Tamil Nadu and to see some rather interesting places. Having travelled for three weeks through this beautiful region, there are several interesting ideas that I wish to share with you.
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Holidays to Borneo.jpg

Holidays to Borneo

With some of the most magnificent forests, wildlife and landscapes on Earth surrounded by azure seas, Borneo is one of the great holiday destinations on earth.
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Must see places in Burma.jpg

Must see places in Burma

There is a Kiplingesque cadence to so many Burmese names that beckons to the imagination: Shwedagon, Rangoon, Mandalay, Irrawaddy, Chindwin, and Maymyo. Names that stir half-memories of Eastern romance and Imperial adventure.
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What are some of the best places to visit in India lead.jpg

What are some of the best places to visit in India?

I recently arranged a holiday for one of my clients to one of the best places to visit in India. They had already been to India visiting the forts and palaces of Rajasthan as well as the pristine backwaters of Kerala. On top of their wish list was a soft adventure holiday off the beaten track.
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