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Why are so many primate species endangered?

Gibbons, lemurs, orangutans, chimpanzees, and gorillas all are endangered primate species, in fact almost all primates are now threatened and around 300 species face extinction in the next 30 years.
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Why Conde Nast's Gold List loves Sabora Tented Camp

What do you get when you combine one of the pole positions for wildlife viewing in all of Africa, with the sentiment of a 1920s explorer style safari camp? A camp that is truly one of the most exciting to arrive, unpack and settle into, and equally one that is hardest to leave…
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Why was Jawai Leopard Camp, Rajasthan, chosen for the 2017 Gold List?

On a recent exploration off-the-beaten-track in Rajasthan, I had the pleasure of staying for a few nights at Jawai Leopard camp. Recommended by Conde Nast's Gold List 2017, it is a luxury safari camp lying at the heart of an untrammelled wilderness, where leopards roam wild and free.
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How can 'Sustainable Travel' help to increase Tiger numbers in India's Reserves?

How can we ensure that wildlife and the people who live alongside it can become the primary beneficiaries of tourism and can wildlife tourism enhance the quality and quantity of the habitat available?
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Sustainable Travel Zambia - Luiwa Plains - flooding lilies - copyright Noeline Tredoux.jpg

Discover how Liuwa Plains in Zambia is setting new standards for 'Sustainable Tourism'

When one talks about sustainable travel achieving a low impact on a national park or area of natural importance, one park that defines this is the Liuwa Plains in the far western side of Zambia. Roughly the size of Wales, the park has only one tourism lodge within it which caters for a maximum of 12 guests in an area spanning 3660sq.kilometres.
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Argentina - Ibera wetlands - capybara - Darío Podestá RINCON DEL SOCCORO.jpg

How is 'Sustainable Tourism' helping to protect the unique wildlife of Argentina's Ibera Wetlands?

The 'Ibera Wetlands' are located in the north-eastern region of Argentina, nestled up on the border with Brazil and Paraguay, immediately below the well-known Iguazu Falls. One Trust is working very hard to conserve the wetlands here and is using sustainable travel and tourism to help protect this vital ecosystem.
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Where is the best place to see snow leopards in the wild?

With a high altitude desert dominated by rugged snowcapped mountains and deep turquoise lakes, Ladakh is one of the most picturesque places on earth. This is the home of the “Ghost of the Himalaya”, the enigmatic snow leopard, and renowned as the best place in the world to spot them.
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Blog - Africa - Namibia The Best value luxury safari holiday in Africa for 2016 - Rhino - Namibia - OEvans.jpg

Where are the 3 most amazing places in Africa to see the endangered Rhino?

As the rhino population unhappily declines, you really should move heaven and earth to see this remarkable creature in the wild before it's too late. Rest assured though, your safari can also help to save the Rhino too.
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6 Primates you should see on safari in Africa

From the Agile mangabey to the Zanzibar colobus, there are more than 116 primate species in Africa and that is not even considering the 70 plus lemur species in Madagascar. Our closest relatives are simply amazing and spending quality time observing them whilst on safari, enhances any visit to Africa.
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South America - Galapagos - blue footed booby pixabay med2.jpg

How to see the Blue-Footed Booby on your wildlife holiday

Whenever a person plans a wildlife-oriented holiday, there may well be certain creatures that they are desperate to see. When it comes to Central and South America, the blue-footed booby might well be one of the “must-see” species.
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Sri Lanka’s 5 best national parks

When it comes to national parks, you're hard-pushed to find any that rival those of Sri Lanka in terms of awe-inspiring beauty and fascinating wildlife, particularly as Sri Lanka's relatively undeveloped state means their boundaries range far and wide across the island.
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Blog - Africa - This Wild Life 1 Elephant Watch Camp bull.jpg

7 reasons why Elephant Watch Camp in Samburu, Kenya is so successful

If World Elephant Day has piqued your interest about these wonderful creatures, right now is the time to visit Kenya for some fabulous elephant viewing. Going to Samburu to stay at Elephant Watch Camp would be right up there on my list of fantastic places to visit.
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India - Himalayas - Kumaon - Sunrise and mist over Kumaoni hills.JPG

The best family holiday in the Himalayas & Northern India

When I take my family on an annual vacation, we try to mix luxury and style but we also love to engage with the destination. Kumaon is brilliant for families as one can walk from village to village, observing the peaceful, rural culture without another tourist in sight.
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Congo - Lowland gorilla trekking Odzala - gorilla in forest

The secret about my gorilla trekking safari in the Congo

Trekking in the Republic of the Congo to see the western lowland gorilla is a different and more adventurous experience than that on offer with the mountain gorillas in Eastern Africa. This is one of the richest eco systems in the world and the experience here is real life, untamed, wild and completely natural. I recently explored the Odzala forest on a trekking safari.
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Uganda - Bwindi - Gorilla

A Life changing Gorilla encounter in Bwindi, Uganda

What exactly is it that defines a life changing journey? I suppose it is as much about the individual, as it is about the experience being had. I have a feeling that being gently nudged out of the way by a 200 kilogram Silverback as it brushes past you to pacify a squabble between its infant family members, is going to bring you closer to that definition than ever before.
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How to take great Safari and Wildlife pictures like a Professional Photographer?

The Explorations Company have recently updated their ‘Meet and Discover Events’ calendar and are proudly inviting clients old and new to a specially designed Master-Class series for Safari and Wildlife Photography lovers.
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Unforgettable family tiger safaris to Central India

Safari holidays can be fantastic experiences for the whole family, especially if you plan them well and stay at wonderful lodges. I recently had a superb safari experience at one of India’s premier tiger reserves – Kanha National Park - which is often called the Ngorongoro of India.
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Spotting tiger, elephant and rhino at Kaziranga

Kaziranga National Park is one of the least-spoilt parks in India and one of the last homes of several endangered species, including the one-horned rhino and the elusive tiger. It is a habitat that teems with wildlife and is indeed one of India’s best kept secrets!
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Witness The Great Wildebeest Migration from the comfort of a private tented camp

The Great Migration is regarded as one of the natural wonders of the world and is familiar to people across the planet - even if they've never set foot in Africa before.
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Visit Satpura National Park for a “Jungle Book” experience in Central India

Visit Satpura National Park and Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh for a real Jungle Book experience, where you stand excellent chances of spotting tigers and other wonderful wildlife.
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Blog - Jawai Leopard Camp - Leopard Rock.jpg

A safari at luxury Jawai Leopard Camp in Rajasthan, India

On a recent exploration off-the-beaten-track in Rajasthan, I had the pleasure of staying for a few nights at Jawai Leopard camp, a luxury safari camp lying at the heart of an untrammelled wilderness, where leopards roam wild and free.
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Zambia - Luangwa Walking Safaris - Lion

Luxury walking safaris in Zambia - the ultimate safari experience

Walking safaris are the finest way to see wildlife in its natural environment in Africa. Most of us are active and nobody wants to be constrained to a vehicle all day every day, and this is where the walking safari comes into its own.
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Blog - Africa - Tanzania mobile tented camp - Legendary.jpg

Private luxury mobile safari camp – the best way to see the Great Wildebeest Migration

Watch the world’s greatest migration as over 2 million animals surge though the Serengeti plains in Tanzania in their annual quest for water and better grazing…The Great Wildebeest Migration.
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Blog - Kenya - Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage 2.JPG

How responsible safari holidays can help Africa’s declining elephant population

Three quarters of Africa’s elephant population is declining – how can we help? By supporting institutions and charities which fight against poaching when we travel to Africa. Here is a chance to experience responsible tourism – as well as having close encounters with the elephants!
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Osa Peninsula - Toucan - source Remanso.jpg

Bird watching in Costa Rica: An alternative luxury safari holiday

What does the word safari mean to you? Africa? The "Big Five"? Grassy plains and dramatic sunsets? While these are common associations with the notion of going "on safari", the chances are that Costa Rica in Central America didn't spring to mind.
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Asia Blog 200116 India's top luxury wildlife safaris Snow Leopard, India.jpg

India’s top luxury wildlife safari holidays for 2016

Its population of iconic Bengal tigers has helped India become one of Asia's premier safari destinations. However, with the country boasting no less than 102 national parks covering 40,000 sq. km - almost twice the size of Wales - it can be very hard to decide where to visit. In order to focus your attention, let's take a look at some of the very best of these parks to visit on a wildlife safari in India:
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Blog - Africa - This Wild Life 4 Elephant Watch Camp bull.jpg

This Wild Life BBC2 - Save the Elephant, Samburu Game Reserve, Kenya

Have you tuned in to BBC 2’s This Wild Life? If not, I urge you to – on Monday nights at 19.00. It is centred on Elephant Watch Camp and Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton’s charity Save The Elephant based in Samburu Game Reserve in Kenya. Saba Douglas-Hamilton, a wildlife film maker following in her father’s footsteps, allows one a privileged insight into their family life consisting of her conservationist husband Frank, who works with her father Iain in collaring the elephants.
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Rhino conservation Safari in South Africa

This is the most wonderful thing to do as a family or with a group of friends or just as a couple! There is a fabulous owner managed lodge in South Africa, owned and managed by Ant Baber and his wife, Tess. Apart from being in the most beautiful area – framed by the Waterberg Mountains – one has the added benefit of being able to spend the day assisting with game capture.
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Galápagos in 3D.jpg

Galápagos in 3D

It would be hard to imagine that anyone would not find a wildlife series fascinating when it was presented by the national treasure that is David Attenborough. Even the mention of his name associated with a new wildlife series seems to attract even the least likely of fans to watch the antics of wild animals and other natural phenomena.
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Spying on the Penguins.jpg

Spying on the Penguins

Penguins are one of nature’s most endearing birds with their comical waddle and curious nature. We simply can’t help but anthropomorphise these delightful creatures when we see their cheeky antics. But BBC1’s recent series ‘Penguins: Spy in the Huddle’ has been revealing that in fact they really are surprisingly like us in many ways.
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