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What are India's best tea plantation hotels?

Lush tea gardens spread across vast stretches of undulating hills have always lured travelers with their beauty. Offering mountainous terrain and lush vegetation you will be spoilt by incredible vistas while staying on some of the best tea plantation hotels in India.
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A first timer’s guide to exploring Rajasthan

India is the visual explosion of bright sarees, cows pretending to be natural roundabouts, marigolds and lots of sunshine. It is everything, and more, all at once. An orchestra thanks to beeping horns, high-speed Hindi and the cawing of thousands of crows.
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Relax in Oman's Zighy Bay as recommended by Conde Nast Traveller

Perfectly hidden away on the Musandam Peninsula in the far north of Oman, and just an easy two-hour drive from Dubai, is the exquisite Six Senses Zighy Bay.
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Why was Jawai Leopard Camp, Rajasthan, chosen for the 2017 Gold List?

On a recent exploration off-the-beaten-track in Rajasthan, I had the pleasure of staying for a few nights at Jawai Leopard camp. Recommended by Conde Nast's Gold List 2017, it is a luxury safari camp lying at the heart of an untrammelled wilderness, where leopards roam wild and free.
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How is 'Sustainable Travel' helping children in India's Samthar Valley?

In the Samthar Valley of West Bengal, sustainable travel is directly benefitting local communities through investments in infrastructure, environmental projects and educating local children at the inspired Awake and Shine School.
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How can 'Sustainable Travel' help to increase Tiger numbers in India's Reserves?

How can we ensure that wildlife and the people who live alongside it can become the primary beneficiaries of tourism and can wildlife tourism enhance the quality and quantity of the habitat available?
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Where is the best place to see snow leopards in the wild?

With a high altitude desert dominated by rugged snowcapped mountains and deep turquoise lakes, Ladakh is one of the most picturesque places on earth. This is the home of the “Ghost of the Himalaya”, the enigmatic snow leopard, and renowned as the best place in the world to spot them.
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Where are the 7 Very Best Luxury Tented Camps in India?

The current luxury tented camps across India offer so many experiences, whether you’re looking for a rugged, outdoorsy adventure or an indulgent, romantic vacation, there’s something for everyone!
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How does Kerala's Malabar cuisine differ from India's other spicy recipes?

On any journey through India it soon becomes clear that there is no such thing as “typical” Indian food. The regional Malabar cuisine of Kerala is unlike anything else on the subcontinent and the best way to experience it is by a homestay and cookery classes at Ayesha Manzil.
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Where is the Best Culinary Experience in the Himalayas?

At the turn of the 21st Century Nepal was considered a barren land in terms of cuisine. Bland curries were the staple of most hotels. But, sixteen years on, there has been an absolute sea change both in Kathmandu itself and further afield in villages such as Dhulikhel.
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Sri Lanka’s 5 best national parks

When it comes to national parks, you're hard-pushed to find any that rival those of Sri Lanka in terms of awe-inspiring beauty and fascinating wildlife, particularly as Sri Lanka's relatively undeveloped state means their boundaries range far and wide across the island.
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Bhutan’s top 3 off the beaten track treasures

I recently had an opportunity to explore the fascinating kingdom of Bhutan, often called the Land of Happiness. The amazing monasteries, the beautiful villages and their ever so cheerful people as well as the magnificent mountainous scenery - Bhutan is heavenly!
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Why you should visit Nepal on your next holiday

Nepal is a treasure. Diverse, breathtakingly beautiful, utterly friendly, spiritually profound and an excellent destination for fabulous activities including, of course, stunning trekking potential, Nepal has it all.
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The best family holiday in the Himalayas & Northern India

When I take my family on an annual vacation, we try to mix luxury and style but we also love to engage with the destination. Kumaon is brilliant for families as one can walk from village to village, observing the peaceful, rural culture without another tourist in sight.
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Where are the best trekking and walking holidays in Nepal?

This land of contrasts beckons to those who are willing to travel, as the majority of Nepalis do, on foot. This is the most fabulous way of getting to understand the complex and fascinating local culture of Nepal and having the chance to interact with some of the 103 different tribes in a genuine manner!
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The Spectacular Upper Mustang on foot or by helicopter

Don’t miss out on a rare opportunity to witness the entire Annapurna Himalayan range on a luxury holiday to the Upper Mustang and Everest in Nepal. Now you can trek on foot or fly by helicopter – the ultimate way to travel!
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Unforgettable family tiger safaris to Central India

Safari holidays can be fantastic experiences for the whole family, especially if you plan them well and stay at wonderful lodges. I recently had a superb safari experience at one of India’s premier tiger reserves – Kanha National Park - which is often called the Ngorongoro of India.
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Spotting tiger, elephant and rhino at Kaziranga

Kaziranga National Park is one of the least-spoilt parks in India and one of the last homes of several endangered species, including the one-horned rhino and the elusive tiger. It is a habitat that teems with wildlife and is indeed one of India’s best kept secrets!
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Visit Satpura National Park for a “Jungle Book” experience in Central India

Visit Satpura National Park and Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh for a real Jungle Book experience, where you stand excellent chances of spotting tigers and other wonderful wildlife.
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Bhutan – good enough for the Royals!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are currently visiting Bhutan, an extraordinarily special kingdom, and the only country in the world where a government policy includes gross national happiness!
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Rajasthan – Luxury and adventure holidays off the beaten track

Rajasthan is a superb holiday destination where you can remain in the lap of luxury and yet adventure into rural areas to enjoy the colourful villages, deserted temples, dramatic wilderness and historic forts and palaces.
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A safari at luxury Jawai Leopard Camp in Rajasthan, India

On a recent exploration off-the-beaten-track in Rajasthan, I had the pleasure of staying for a few nights at Jawai Leopard camp, a luxury safari camp lying at the heart of an untrammelled wilderness, where leopards roam wild and free.
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Walking the Himalayas with Levison Wood

If Channel 4 and Levison Wood’s recent documentary following his 1700 mile trek, ‘Walking the Himalayas’, inspired you to visit this dramatic and beautiful landscape, recent news that Nepal is to become more accessible to visitors will be very welcome news indeed.
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Sri Lanka – perfect luxury family holidays

If you are wondering where your family should travel this year for a well-earned break, consider Sri Lanka, the perfect family destination!
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Nepal becoming more accessible for walking and trekking holidays

If Channel 4 and Levison Wood’s recent documentary following his 1700 mile trek, Walking the Himalayas, inspired you to visit this dramatic and beautiful landscape, recent news that Nepal is to become more accessible to visitors will be very welcome indeed.
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Stay in stunning villas - the ultimate luxury holiday to Sri Lanka

If you are looking to take the whole family or a group of friends away for some rest and relaxation or even to celebrate a big occasion, then look no further than Sri Lanka. The island has much to offer for everyone, but what has really caught my attention recently are the impressive villas available on the south coast.
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A luxury cycling safari holiday through Central India

Recently I had the most amazing experience of going on a three-day cycling safari through Central India to take in breath-taking views offered by the Maikal Hills and to explore the tribal areas of Chhattisgarh.
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2016-02-10 - Blog - India - Aashraya on Ganga - Cottage 2.jpg

Aashraya on Ganga, near Rishikesh, Himalayas – “Paradise in the middle of nowhere”

For complete escapism, look no further than the delightful Aashraya on Ganga. The realisation of a longstanding dream for the owner, this traditionally built and eco-friendly retreat is a great place to stay for those seeking serenity and a remote location combined with daily adventures.
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India’s top luxury wildlife safari holidays for 2016

Its population of iconic Bengal tigers has helped India become one of Asia's premier safari destinations. However, with the country boasting no less than 102 national parks covering 40,000 sq. km - almost twice the size of Wales - it can be very hard to decide where to visit. In order to focus your attention, let's take a look at some of the very best of these parks to visit on a wildlife safari in India:
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Vintage & Classic Car Journeys in Rajasthan

Cars, trains, buses, and planes aren’t the only way to get around a country. From the pulled rickshaws that came to India in the early 20th century to travelling in some of the rarest and most elegant vintage cars in the world.
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