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What are Albee Yeend’s 5 favourite Africa travel books?

You really are spoilt for choice with so many fabulous books on Africa, but these are five of my favourite ones. Most of them will either inspire you to visit Africa or give you a greater understanding of the history of Africa and some of its past struggles.

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What is the best way to explore the Galapagos Islands in Style?

Making a top list of the world’s best destinations for wildlife is almost impossible or, at least, very contentious, as it is so subjective.

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The opening of luxury lodge Awasi Iguazu, at Iguazu Falls in Argentina

There is nothing small scale about the magnificent waterfalls that straddle the border between Argentina and Brazil in South America. Called Iguazu or Iguaçu Falls depending on what side of the border you are, these dramatic falls reputedly and famously imp...

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Why should you consider a Nicaragua holiday tailor made to your requirements?

Nicaragua has rather stolen my heart with its mix of history both old and new, some breath-taking scenery and totally unspoilt coastlines bordering two oceans.

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What can you do on International Cheetah Day?

Every year on December 4th we focus on ‘International Cheetah Day’ which highlights the struggle that Africa’s most endangered big cat faces to survive.

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Sarara camp in Kenya – for a luxury tented safari experience

If you are looking for a luxury safari experience then you will absolutely enjoy Sarara Camp in Kenya, as it is one of Africa’s most inspiring and beautiful camps.

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Is it safe to take a holiday to Sudan – yes absolutely!

Many friends asked before I left for my holiday to Sudan, was it safe? I have to say that having travelled to over 15 countries in Africa, I can honestly say that the Sudanese people are the most friendly and hospitable people that I have ever come across.

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What is the best way to enjoy the unique and untouched landscapes of wild Mongolia?

There are few places that encapsulate the essence of nomadic lifestyle as Mongolia does. This is still a country that has relatively little tourism and has a real edge of authenticity about it even in the more populated areas.

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How will your visit to the wilds of Borneo help save the ‘Critically Endangered’ Orangutans?

Both orangutan species are now on the path toward extinction. The Bornean orangutan is now critically endangered, with populations in sharp decline due to habitat destruction and illegal hunting.

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What should I pack for a Safari Holiday?

I have been fortunate enough to have been on safari many, many times to a variety of countries across the African continent.

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Enjoy the art and fun of Kung Fu training at The Shaolin Temple in China

Kung Fu training can be great fun for individuals as well as active families and it is possible to train at The Shaolin Temple and other specialist schools across the country. You would get a first-hand experience of the rigours of the training and learn ab...

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India’s Reni Pani Jungle Lodge is simply perfect for those wanting to go off-the-beaten-track

Going on a safari to India is not just about game viewing. It is as much about observing, experiencing and learning about the complete eco-system and there is no better or more eco-friendly way to immerse in nature and explore the wilderness than walking sa...

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How does Japan achieve the perfect balance between tradition and transformation?

People always yearn for a sense of connection, be it social or spiritual, and religion plays an important role in our search for meaning in life.

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Top 10 private houses to stay in for a Christmas Safari in Africa

In my experience, one of the very best ways to enjoy Africa’s most amazing wilderness with a small group of friends or family, is to rent a private house.

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Where is the best Luxury Safari Holiday accommodation and what should you look for?

To begin with, if you are considering going to Africa on a luxury safari, do take proper time to plan. Would you rush out and buy an expensive car in a hurry?

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Why is Botswana such a great destination for a Family Safari?

Botswana is a perfect destination if you are contemplating a family safari to Africa. Coming from Botswana I am a little biased and think this is the best place, but of course there are other such wonderful family safari destinations such as Zimbabwe, South...

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Discover Botswana’s Okavango Delta on a walking safari with expert guide David Foot

Walking safaris are truly one of the best ways to explore the wilderness and really get in-touch with nature!

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Kenya Elepahnts  Kili game drive.jpg

So where is the Best family safari in Kenya?

This is a difficult one – as Kenya is just oozing with the most incredible places and experiences for the ultimate family safari – for all ages!

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How can you become part of the amazing 'Rhinos Without Borders' conservation programme in Africa?

As the rhino population unhappily declines by three every single day, you really should move heaven and earth to see this remarkable creature in the wild before it's too late.

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Leobo Observatory Dook.jpg

For the perfect non malaria family safari, head to South Africa

The great thing about taking children to South Africa is that there is no jet lag to contend with plus the bonus of night flights.

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Africa - Zimbabwe - Johns Camp - Mana Pools - Walking safari.jpg

Why is Johns Camp in Zimbabwe such a fabulous gem?

Robin Pope and John Stevens have teamed together to open John’s Camp. John Stevens is one of the most well-known guides in Africa and is an experienced tracker wildlife spotter.

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Antigua Guatemala - Pacaya Volcano Hike.jpg

Where are the 4 Best Volcano Hikes in Latin America?

Positioned on one side of the famed Pacific Rim of Fire, Latin America certainly isn’t short of a dramatic volcanic peak or two. The Andes runs like an artery down the continent and is home to some of the highest and most spectacular snow-capped mountains a...

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Africa - Elephant Watch -Tim Beddow.jpg

How are Conservation Safaris to Africa adding another dimension to normal game drives?

For many who travel to Africa, seeing the wild animals and the open plains is especially exciting, particularly if they have saved up for this once in a life time safari.

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What can you expect on a Private Guided Safari?

When you are on safari in Africa, your activities may be varied with game drives, walking safaris and maybe even wildlife watching from a canoe or motorboat, but what is consistent is that you always have a guide with you.

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Ethiopia - Omo tribes.jpg

Why is Ethiopia’s Omo Valley region so rich in culture?

Ethiopia is home to some of the most fascinating indigenous tribal communities in Africa and culturally, the highlight of southern Ethiopia is South Omo.

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Africa - When to Go on Safari Chart.jpg

Where and when to go on safari to Africa – A country by country guide

Thinking of going on safari? With so many choices and so much to see, here is a useful table with best time to travel to Africa on safari - at a glance.

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Botswana - Okavnago Delta - Eagle Island lodge  Belmond Lodge.jpg

The Okavango Delta in Botswana offers diversity of landscapes, fauna & flora

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Okavango Delta is a wonderland of wilderness, with beautiful landscapes and a plethora of wildlife.

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Latin America - Nicaragua - Masaya - Green Parrots - Viaventure.jpg

Why am I exploring new destinations in Central America?

I am delighted to be travelling to El Salvador and Nicaragua in Central America later this year and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to uncover some wonderful new gems to introduce to our clients.

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Latin America-Bolivia-Salar de Uyuni-Cacti Island-Airstream Campervans.jpg

Where can you enjoy the best ‘Glamping’ in Latin America?

Glamping is one of those words that has really come into ‘vogue’ in recent years but one that I think suits beautifully some of the more eclectic and unique places to stay in some stunning parts of Latin America.

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Polar Regions - Antarctica - Antarctic Continent - Aerial View on South Pole flight - White Desert.jpg

Can you fly to Antarctica by Private Jet?

Antarctica has never been more accessible than it is now and yet it remains that last frontier, that final untouched wilderness. For some decades now, intrepid travellers have had the opportunity to reach the White Continent by voyaging across the southern ...

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