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The Best Africa Photography Safari

Photographic Safaris in Africa - and how to get the best out of your photography whilst on safari in Africa!

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What are the best Safari experiences in South Africa

We are so often asked, where is the best safari in South Africa? The question is subjective, of course, as it entirely depends upon you as an individual and what is best for you, along with what your likes and dislikes are! However, with specialists from So...

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Where are the Best Kenya Family Safaris?

Coming from Kenya and having taken my own family on safari there most years, I am quite clear about what makes a family safari to this country so successful. It offers great diversity - which is key - as there is so much more to just game viewing!

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Family Safaris Botswana

Having lived in the Okavango Delta over twenty years ago, I was keen to take my own family on safari to Botswana to show them just how beautiful and breathtaking this country is.

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Interesting Festivals in Africa

The next time you contemplate travelling on a safari, perhaps you might like to take in a festival, such as a wine festival in the Cape, South Africa or a music and cultural festival in Mozambique or perhaps the Lamu festival in Kenya whilst ending your saf...

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Festival on Ibo Island, Mozambique.

The most famous annual festival on Ibo Island in Mozambique is called Kueto Siriwala, meaning “to not forget your roots, regardless of how far away from home you are”.

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