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Family Safaris

Family Safaris to me are the ultimate family holiday! There is non stop entertainment, fun and education all thrown together!
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Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking – must be one of the most humbling experiences imaginable on this planet!
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Kenya Camping Safari

A Kenya Camping safari is one of the most rewarding ways of being on safari! Here one has the flexibility to spend the day exactly as one chooses, with ones guide.
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Botswana Safaris

Botswana Safaris come in many forms! In terms of diversity of safari, this country probably offers the ultimate – from some of the best horse riding safaris – both in the Okavango Delta and in the Kalahari Desert, to being able to ride on the back of an elephant and become part of the herd.
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Luxury Kenya Safari

A luxury Kenya safari is something that many people dream of! The world is divided by those who love wildlife and really want to get up close and personal. This means to sleep in a tented camp, listening to the amazing night calls of the whooping hyaena or a lion calling to its mate in the distance, or defending its territory. With the wind blowing gently through the gauze windows, one sleeps so soundly!
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Elephant Back Safaris

Elephant Back Safaris are the most unique and in our opinion, one of the best ways of going on safari in Africa!
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Tailor Made Safari

We think the very best sort of safari is a tailor made safari. That way, you can ensure that you get exactly what you want! The perfect lodge or camp for you, the perfect area offering the best wildlife viewing, or bird watching, or plants – whatever takes your fancy!
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Bespoke Safaris

I really don’t think there is any other way of undertaking a safari these days with complete success unless it is entirely bespoke, which is exactly what we do at African Explorations.
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Private Safaris

We’ve discussed luxury and we’ve talked about the fact that Africa can be enormously “grounding”, reawakening many an instinct that lies dormant within us.
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Walking Safari

A walking safari is the most exhilarating way of experiencing a safari in Africa as one gets so much closer to wildlife without the noise of an engine. Of course there is a degree of vulnerability which heightens the senses but this is a good thing! How often is one called upon to use those senses today?
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Rhino conservation Safari in South Africa

This is the most wonderful thing to do as a family or with a group of friends or just as a couple! There is a fabulous owner managed lodge in South Africa, owned and managed by Ant Baber and his wife, Tess. Apart from being in the most beautiful area – framed by the Waterberg Mountains – one has the added benefit of being able to spend the day assisting with game capture.
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Gorilla Trekking in Virunga National Park

Are you looking for something new and different? I came across two extraordinary safaris during a recent visit to a country that few tourists visit - the Democratic Republic of the Congo. So why the DRC I hear you ask? Exclusivity! Unlike its neighbouring countries of Rwanda and Uganda, here one can trek gorillas – both mountain and the smaller, rarer western lowland with just yourself and your guide for most of the time.
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How has Zakouma in Chad become a 'sustainable travel' success story?

Safaris to Africa have just become even more exciting! As an experienced safari goer myself, who is always on the lookout for something new and interesting in Africa, I recently had the privilege of going on Safari to Chad which would offer the most amazing all encompassing safari for the more intrepid traveller, seeking the finest experience in exclusivity and private guiding in a pristine wilderness.
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Where are the Remotest Safaris to Africa?

I am personally very excited about what is happening around Africa, not least the incredible input by the not for profit organisation, African Parks. Whilst we hear the very worst tales of poaching in Africa and wonder how on earth we can win against this plight of ill education – a ray of sunshine and some very good news comes along.
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Family friendly safaris to Kenya

Coming from Kenya myself, I may be slightly biased, but I hope I am still objective in my thought processes. I have been lucky enough to take my own family on safari each year throughout Africa, so why do I still maintain that Kenya pips the post when it comes to a family friendly safari?
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South Africa’s best family safari holidays

Taking my own family back to South Africa on safari each year, I am constantly amazed at all the new, exciting and adventurous activities on offer in this magnificent country! From stand up paddling, to quad biking, mountain biking – a family safari is not just about seeing wildlife – although that is the main draw.
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Cape Town Top 5 Tours for families

Cape Town is alive with action and adventure and now the perfect destination for families. With amazing weather for much of the year you are being spoilt for choice with so many different experiences - from malaria free safaris to villas on the beach, to funky hotels in Cape Town.
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mother and son on ele safari with baby ele -large.JPG

Africa’s Top Five Family Safaris

I started taking my own children on safari from the age of four because I come from Africa and I visit my family each year and take the children to see their grandparents and extended family.
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Cape Town Sidecar Adventures

There is a delightfully unusual way of taking in all that Cape Town has to offer and getting completely off the beaten track in terms of the way that one can do so. Thrill-seekers and vintage lovers, anyone with a heart for adventure in fact, will have their breath taken away by choosing to experience the raw beauty of the city from the incredible vantage point of a 1960’s style side car.
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This Wild Life BBC2 - Save the Elephant, Samburu Game Reserve, Kenya

Have you tuned in to BBC 2’s This Wild Life? If not, I urge you to – on Monday nights at 19.00. It is centred on Elephant Watch Camp and Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton’s charity Save The Elephant based in Samburu Game Reserve in Kenya. Saba Douglas-Hamilton, a wildlife film maker following in her father’s footsteps, allows one a privileged insight into their family life consisting of her conservationist husband Frank, who works with her father Iain in collaring the elephants.
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The benefits of a tailor-made safari

There are certain things that the majority of people will want to do and see when they go on a safari but the chances are, with (for example) a family group travelling together, that there will be differing individual ideas as to specific priorities.
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Africa - Namibia The Best value luxury safari holiday in Africa for 2016 - Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Namibia - the best value luxury safari holiday in Africa for 2016

The best value safari in Africa? Undoubtedly Namibia! This extraordinarily beautiful country, with dramatic and colourful sand dunes, crystal-clear starry skies and great walking and balloon safaris, is now delivering amazing value for money. Here are some ideas for my favourite places to visit…
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How responsible safari holidays can help Africa’s declining elephant population

Three quarters of Africa’s elephant population is declining – how can we help? By supporting institutions and charities which fight against poaching when we travel to Africa. Here is a chance to experience responsible tourism – as well as having close encounters with the elephants!
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Private luxury mobile safari camp – the best way to see the Great Wildebeest Migration

Watch the world’s greatest migration as over 2 million animals surge though the Serengeti plains in Tanzania in their annual quest for water and better grazing…The Great Wildebeest Migration.
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South Africa - Adventurous activities - Table Mountain Jump

Adventurous activities on luxury safari holiday in South Africa

South Africa is best known as being the adventure capital of world, offering over 130 adventurous activities from exhilarating abseiling to shark cage diving. There is also a diversity of legendary scenic wonders from Table Mountain to God’s Window.
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What are the benefits of a luxury private mobile tailor-made safari in Kenya?

Many people ask me what are the benefits of a private mobile safari in Kenya. For me, it is the ultimate way of going on safari! Complete flexibility, freedom and exclusivity! Who could want more from life?
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Zambia - Luangwa Walking Safaris - Lion

Luxury walking safaris in Zambia - the ultimate safari experience

Walking safaris are the finest way to see wildlife in its natural environment in Africa. Most of us are active and nobody wants to be constrained to a vehicle all day every day, and this is where the walking safari comes into its own.
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Zambia - Upper Zambezi - Tongabezi.jpg

Where are the best places to visit on a Zambia safari holiday?

If you’ve never been to Zambia before, you are in for a wonderful surprise. The pristine wilderness is unspoilt by mass tourism, is teeming with wildlife and has some of the friendliest folk in Africa.
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What makes the Best Safari in Tanzania lead.jpg

Witness The Great Wildebeest Migration from the comfort of a private tented camp

The Great Migration is regarded as one of the natural wonders of the world and is familiar to people across the planet - even if they've never set foot in Africa before.
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Tanzania - Horseriding - Kaskazi - lake

Superb, Eclectic, Tanzania Riding Safaris – Something Entirely Different

I absolutely recommend horseback riding safaris in Tanzania, which fall firmly into my top riding experiences in Africa - an ultimate experience for enquiring minds wanting to experience the real Africa on horseback.
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