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Guacho Horse riding - Patagonia - Chile.jpg

What to expect from a holiday in Patagonia

Patagonia is an incredible destination, the home of towering peaks, blue-white glaciers, tranquil lakes, soaring condors and the romantic and solitary figure of the gaucho. Visitors to this part of South America cannot fail to fall in love with its rugged l...

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Osa Peninsula - Toucan - source Remanso.jpg

Bird watching in Costa Rica: An alternative luxury safari holiday

What does the word safari mean to you? Africa? The "Big Five"? Grassy plains and dramatic sunsets? While these are common associations with the notion of going "on safari", the chances are that Costa Rica in Central America didn't spring to mind.

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Asia Blog 200116 India's top luxury wildlife safaris Snow Leopard, India.jpg

India’s top luxury wildlife safari holidays for 2016

Its population of iconic Bengal tigers has helped India become one of Asia's premier safari destinations. However, with the country boasting no less than 102 national parks covering 40,000 sq. km - almost twice the size of Wales - it can be very hard to dec...

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Tailor Made Safari.jpg

The benefits of a tailor-made safari

There are certain things that the majority of people will want to do and see when they go on a safari but the chances are, with (for example) a family group travelling together, that there will be differing individual ideas as to specific priorities.

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Atacama - Awasi - Alfresco Lunch and Private 4x4 vehicle.jpg

Where are the remotest holidays in the world?

Recognising that a crucial travel ingredient for many of its clients is to avoid the frequently trodden path, The Explorations Company have collated a highly personal “private collection” of very special safaris, holidays and ideas that you will absolutely ...

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Blog - Africa - This Wild Life 4 Elephant Watch Camp bull.jpg

This Wild Life BBC2 - Save the Elephant, Samburu Game Reserve, Kenya

Have you tuned in to BBC 2’s This Wild Life? If not, I urge you to – on Monday nights at 19.00. It is centred on Elephant Watch Camp and Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton’s charity Save The Elephant based in Samburu Game Reserve in Kenya. Saba Douglas-Hamilton, a wi...

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IMG-20141215-01611shrink Side Car.jpg

Cape Town Sidecar Adventures

There is a delightfully unusual way of taking in all that Cape Town has to offer and getting completely off the beaten track in terms of the way that one can do so. Thrill-seekers and vintage lovers, anyone with a heart for adventure in fact, will have thei...

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Jaipur - 4.JPG

Hot Air Ballooning in Rajasthan

I can’t forget my last visit to Rajasthan as it was so different from any that I ever taken! One of my favourites was hot-air ballooning near Jaipur. It is not something I would normally consider but it is one of the many special experiences that you should...

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SOM_5285 3.jpg

Stay at the Khas Bagh Jaipur and Ride Marwari Horses

The rich, colourful heritage of Rajasthan, its splendid ancient forts and magnificent palaces and its proud tradition of horses, all combine to create a fascinating setting. There is no better way to see Rajasthan than on the back of a beautiful, forward go...

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Kolkata (Calcutta) India from Hand Pulled Rickshaws to Walking Tours

The British have left several things which still revolve around the time and life of Indian’s, whether that be Toy Train of Ooty, Shimla or Darjeeling, trams or the Hand Pulled Rickshaws of Kolkata.

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Vintage Cars Rajasthan 3.jpeg

Vintage & Classic Car Journeys in Rajasthan

Cars, trains, buses, and planes aren’t the only way to get around a country. From the pulled rickshaws that came to India in the early 20th century to travelling in some of the rarest and most elegant vintage cars in the world.

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Cienfuegos - Square & Vintage Car.jpg

Great Cuba tour by Vintage Car

Cuba has to be one of the most enticing and unique, not to mention one of the largest, of the Islands in the Caribbean Sea. Its Spanish speaking population and ubiquitous rhythms of mambo, rumba and salsa give it a thoroughly Latin feel but it’s the fascina...

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Santiago - Heliskiing 4.jpg

Heli-skiing in the Andes of Argentina & Chile

For those of us that love the slopes, the fresh mountain air and that early morning downhill run through untouched powder, skiing (and snowboarding of course) is a passion and an addiction that is hard to ignore.

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Mendoza - 2CV Self Drive with Slowcar.jpg

Exploring Mendoza’s Vineyards by 2CV

Argentina, along with its neighbour Chile, has long been known for its wonderful beef. What better way to accompany some of the best steak in the world than with a beautiful deep rich red wine.

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Africa’s Top Five Family Safaris

I started taking my own children on safari from the age of four because I come from Africa and I visit my family each year and take the children to see their grandparents and extended family.

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Hike Wild Coast Cows on Beach.JPG

Cape Town Top 5 Tours for families

Cape Town is alive with action and adventure and now the perfect destination for families. With amazing weather for much of the year you are being spoilt for choice with so many different experiences - from malaria free safaris to villas on the beach, to fu...

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Asia Blog 040815 Luxury holidays to The River Ganges 3.jpg

Luxury holidays to The Ganges River & Varanasi

This is a perfect holiday to The Ganges River, which is the spiritual heart of India and where it is better known as Mother Ganga. For visitors, to immerse one’s self in this sacred river has the effect of washing away any previous negative karma.

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South Africa’s best family safari holidays

Taking my own family back to South Africa on safari each year, I am constantly amazed at all the new, exciting and adventurous activities on offer in this magnificent country! From stand up paddling, to quad biking, mountain biking – a family safari is not ...

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Family friendly safaris to Kenya

Coming from Kenya myself, I may be slightly biased, but I hope I am still objective in my thought processes. I have been lucky enough to take my own family on safari each year throughout Africa, so why do I still maintain that Kenya pips the post when it co...

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Asia Blog 130715 Best Kashmir Family Holidays 6.jpg

Best Kashmir Family Holiday

Following a recent amazing journey through Ladakh, we visited the beautiful valley of Kashmir. Unfortunately none of the airlines are operating direct flights from Leh to Srinagar and therefore I had to travel via Jammu which is just a 40 minute flight. We...

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Blog - Africa - Where are the remotest safaris in Africa 1.jpg

Where are the Remotest Safaris to Africa?

I am personally very excited about what is happening around Africa, not least the incredible input by the not for profit organisation, African Parks. Whilst we hear the very worst tales of poaching in Africa and wonder how on earth we can win against this p...

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How has Zakouma in Chad become a 'sustainable travel' success story?

Safaris to Africa have just become even more exciting! As an experienced safari goer myself, who is always on the lookout for something new and interesting in Africa, I recently had the privilege of going on Safari to Chad which would offer the most amazing...

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Asia Blog 030715 Family Holidays to Ladakh 1.jpg

The best Family Holiday ever in beautiful Ladakh

I recently enjoyed one of the best family holidays ever – to Ladakh in the northern part of India close to the snow-capped mountains near Kashmir. As a family we are very seasoned travellers and quite adventurous, however the closer our departure date loome...

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Gorillas Uganda (2).JPG

Gorilla Trekking in Virunga National Park

Are you looking for something new and different? I came across two extraordinary safaris during a recent visit to a country that few tourists visit - the Democratic Republic of the Congo. So why the DRC I hear you ask? Exclusivity! Unlike its neighbouring c...

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Asia Blog 260615 Ladakh 4.jpg

Exploring the Stunningly Beautiful Regions of Ladakh

Historically, Ladakh as a region encompasses a patchwork of several inspiring landscapes. However contemporary Ladakh borders Tibet to the east, the Lahaul and Spiti to the south, the Vale of Kashmir regions to the west and the trans-Kunlun territory of Xin...

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rhino capture.jpg

Rhino conservation Safari in South Africa

This is the most wonderful thing to do as a family or with a group of friends or just as a couple! There is a fabulous owner managed lodge in South Africa, owned and managed by Ant Baber and his wife, Tess. Apart from being in the most beautiful area – fram...

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Homestays in India, Sri Lanka & Nepal

Staying at establishments which are owner managed is becoming increasingly popular, allowing one to experience the subcontinent in a far better way. An owner managed retreat or a home stay is similar in concept to that of a bed and breakfast.

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India Tiger Safaris.jpg

Jamtara Wilderness Camp in Madhya Pradesh

Jamtara Wilderness Camp is the only camp located at the northern entrance to Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh and this is just one advantage of this superb camp. It is the creation of a truly passionate wildlife enthusiast, Amit Sankhala, who has himse...

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Andaman Underwater.jpg

Andaman Islands Chic Robinson Crusoe Retreat

Deep in the Bay of Bengal about 1000km from the east India coast lies the most remote Indian state of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The area is renowned for exquisite beaches, rainforest covered islands and outstanding scuba diving and snorkelling on the...

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Blog - Lat Am - Arg - Home Stays 1 - Cordoba - Estancia Los Potreros - sitting room2.jpg

Where are the best Homestays in Latin America?

While Cuba’s Home stays are hard to beat in our book for an under-the-skin experience, offering a privileged window into everyday life, there are other places in Latin America where Home stays are also possible.

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