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Find out how holidays to Borneo are helping to conserve the rainforest and wildlife

When one thinks of the island of Borneo one most likely thinks first of verdant rainforests and the endangered orangutan, which faces complex challenges to its survival. Your holiday to this fantastic island can help to conserve the many unique and threaten...

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What are the top 5 most exclusive Asian experiences you’ve probably never thought of?

When it comes to ultra-high-end luxury experiences, Asia offers some of the most exciting and unusual options in the world. This is thanks to the sheer variety the continent is blessed with from fascinating wildlife and awe-inspiring landscapes to some of ...

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How will your visit to the wilds of Borneo help save the ‘Critically Endangered’ Orangutans?

Both orangutan species are now on the path toward extinction. The Bornean orangutan is now critically endangered, with populations in sharp decline due to habitat destruction and illegal hunting.

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