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Posts tagged as "eco friendly travel"

Why is Zambia the best country for an eco-friendly safari?

Many people ask me, can one travel sustainably? The good news is yes, most definitely! This is a topic close to my heart. I think many travelers these days wrestle with their conscience, balancing their thirst to travel, whether for business or pleasure, wi...

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The best way to see the Great Migration in Tanzania is with private guide Richard Knocker

Travelling on safari with an expert private guide affords a multitude of benefits. For those seeking an outstanding and unique safari to Kenya and Tanzania, I wholeheartedly recommend spending time with Richard Knocker.

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Green ‘silent safaris’ in electric 4x4s are the newest trend in eco-friendly Zambia holidays

Silent, sustainable, eco-friendly safaris in Africa – is this possible? Yes! Most definitely! Thanks to an electric-power initiative in Zambia, one can now take a luxury safari in Africa with a greatly reduced footprint.

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