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Where are the top 5 luxury safari camps and lodges in Botswana?

Botswana is blessed with some of the most beautiful safari lodges and camps in Africa. With so many options, all in fantastic wildlife spots with a plethora of safari activities on offer, it is hard to select my favourite.

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Experience an off-beat Ethiopia safari privately guided by Graeme Lemon

One of the best luxury safari guides I’ve had the pleasure of travelling with in Africa is Graeme Lemon, an expert on many regions of Africa who can take you on the most exciting, adventurous and immersive exploration of North Eastern Africa, from Chad to E...

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Visit Ethiopia’s 10 best holiday destinations

If you have travelled extensively in Africa, as I have, and seek exploration in a country completely different to anywhere else, then I recommend that you consider Ethiopia!

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Why should a holiday to Ethiopia include a visit to the Omo Valley tribes?

For those seeking an authentic interaction with Ethiopian tribes, the Omo Valley has some of the richest and most unique cultures to be found. Here, 16 ethnic groups are retaining their ancient cultures, untouched by the outside world.

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The AGOHELMA Orphanage is supporting orphaned children and vulnerable communities

The AGOHELMA Orphanage in Addis Ababa is the most inspiring place and I am always humbled by the amazing care and support given by them, not just to the children who live there but to the entire community.

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Why Should Limalimo Lodge Top Your Holiday Bucket List Right Now?

Commanding, inspiring and simply breath-taking scenery… this is what draws me back time and again to the Simien Mountains, Northern Ethiopia’s dramatically beautiful mountain range.

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What are the Top 3 Flying Safaris in Africa that will take your breath away?

Flying Safaris in Africa are the ultimate way of travelling on safari! You soar over breathtaking landscapes and then land to explore with an expert guide. Flying maximises your time at each location, allows you to gain a real sense of the topography of th...

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Why are Kenya and Ethiopia the only places you can see the Grévy's zebra in the wild?

Every year at the end of January we celebrate International Zebra Day. Did you know that one of the species is on the SERIOUSLY ENDANGERED LIST?

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5 top Africa travel books shared by Kate Pirie

It is always good to do some background reading of a country or land you are about to travel to. There are many wonderful and inspirational books on Africa to consider and here are just a few of my favourite reads.

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Why is Ethiopia’s Omo Valley region so rich in culture?

Ethiopia is home to some of the most fascinating indigenous tribal communities in Africa and culturally, the highlight of southern Ethiopia is South Omo.

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