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Discover why India's Rajasthan region is so rich in art and architecture!

Travellers visit Rajasthan, India for a multitude of reasons, from art to history and architecture. Rajasthan has so much to offer, from elaborate palaces to exotic temples, magnificent gardens and serene lakes.

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Where are Sri Lanka's top three summer holiday destinations?

A family holiday to Sri Lanka during the ‘secret season’ of July could be just the opportunity you need for your family to spend quality time together and explore this diverse country which is full of hidden gems.

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Where in Africa can you experience voodoo festivals, diverse tribes and colonial history?

West Africa has long held an enormous fascination for travellers. Unique and beautifully crafted architecture coupled with frenetic, whirling festivals and wonderful wildlife means that Togo, Benin and Ghana can offer one of the most spectacular and interes...

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Where are the best holiday destinations in Egypt?

If there was ever a more intriguing destination to visit than Egypt, I don’t believe I have found it yet! This country offers a world of unmatched experiences with mind-blowing mythology and marvels.

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Where are Sri Lanka's 6 best culture and history holidays?

On my recent travels of South and West Sri Lanka I was lucky to revisit some of my favourite places on this resplendent isle. I believe that these gems give one the most diverse insights into quintessential Sri Lanka.

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Where are India's best kept secret holiday destinations?

Think culture and it is hard not to think of India. With a vast population of more than a billion, spread across 29 different states, speaking 22 different languages with over 720 dialects, India is truly beguiling and multicultural.

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The top 3 luxury river cruises in Myanmar (Burma)

For those who appreciate the art of slow travel and are as interested in the journey as the destination, river cruising is one of the best ways to explore Asia, whether it is travelling on the holy Ganges in India, mighty Mekong in Cambodia, Vietnam and Lao...

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