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Where are the best private safari and holiday villas in Africa and Asia?

Taking a holiday or safari in an exquisite, completely exclusive villa – whether that be in Africa or Asia – is surely the best way to go on vacation right now! Social distancing is part of the attraction, but most importantly, one has complete privacy and ...

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Where are Sri Lanka’s best wildlife safari destinations?

I recently had the privilege of chatting to one of Sri Lanka’s finest wildlife experts, Ramani Jayewardene, about her views on wildlife conservation in the country and the role and future of sustainable tourism.

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Where are Sri Lanka's top three summer holiday destinations?

A family holiday to Sri Lanka during the ‘secret season’ of July could be just the opportunity you need for your family to spend quality time together and explore this diverse country which is full of hidden gems.

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Where are Sri Lanka's 6 best culture and history holidays?

On my recent travels of South and West Sri Lanka I was lucky to revisit some of my favourite places on this resplendent isle. I believe that these gems give one the most diverse insights into quintessential Sri Lanka.

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Where on holiday to Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle can you see primates?

The ancient jungles of Asia are home to an astounding array of flora and fauna. It is therefore not surprising that some of the finest hotspots for observing primates in their natural habitat are located in Asia.

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Where are the top two travel destinations in Asia this year?

This time of the year, when the rest of the world is recovering from Christmas frenzy, there is tremendous anticipation and excitement across Japan for Fukubukuro or ‘lucky bags’.

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Davina Roberts shares her 5 favourite travel books

For those who love to travel the next best thing other than actually getting on a plane is to journey through the pages of a book set in lands afar and dream of one’s next adventure. My favourite books are varied and all, in my mind, travel inspirational.

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Enjoy Sri Lanka’s hidden secrets by special arrangement only!

Sri Lanka is blossoming right now. For the last few years this pretty island has quietly been establishing its mark as a must visit destination, high on cognoscenti’s travel lists.

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