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Posts tagged as "wildlife conservation"

Why does Uganda's Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary need our support?

For me, the unique opportunity to support the Chimpanzee Sanctuary at Ngamba Island and witness their work to care for 49 rescued chimpanzees is the experience of a lifetime. It is incredibly moving to spend time watching the chimps and learn about their ca...

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Where on holiday to Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle can you see primates?

The ancient jungles of Asia are home to an astounding array of flora and fauna. It is therefore not surprising that some of the finest hotspots for observing primates in their natural habitat are located in Asia.

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How does the ABC Foundation integrate safari holidays with conservation and community support?

How can you surpass an ‘ordinary’ safari, and elevate your holiday to the ‘extraordinary’? In my opinion, the best way to do this is to ensure that every camp or lodge that you stay in directly acts to support local communities and conservation.

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How is conservation-led tourism helping to protect the endangered Snow Leopard?

With a high altitude desert dominated by rugged snow-capped mountains and deep turquoise lakes, Ladakh is one of the most picturesque places on earth. It is the home of the “Ghost of the Himalaya”, the enigmatic snow leopard, and is considered to be the bes...

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Find out how holidays to Borneo are helping to conserve the rainforest and wildlife

When one thinks of the island of Borneo one most likely thinks first of verdant rainforests and the endangered orangutan, which faces complex challenges to its survival. Your holiday to this fantastic island can help to conserve the many unique and threaten...

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How is Gorongosa putting Mozambique back on the safari map?

When it comes to safari destinations, Mozambique is one of Africa’s best-kept secrets! More than just a beach add on to a safari in another African country, Mozambique holds its own as a bona fide wildlife destination too.

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How are Excellent Development's sand dams saving lives in rural Africa?

Lack of accessible water is a major problem for much of the developing world. Excellent Development support rural dryland communities to build sand dams, with long-term positive effects for communities - and wildlife.

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Collaring Lion and Elephant in Tanzania’s Saadani National Park

The lion population in Africa overall has declined by 43% in the last twenty years. The good news is that 50% of the lion population in Africa occurs in Tanzania!

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The Explorations Company becomes a stakeholder of the Lion Recovery Fund operating in Namibia

Life for any desert adapted species in Namibia is harsh due to the relentless, barren terrain. But for an apex predator such as a lion, this is increasingly difficult as they reside in harsh, low prey areas with little water.

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What are Asia's most endangered species?

World Wildlife Conservation Day on December the 4th raises awareness of the troubles many well-loved endangered species face in their fight for survival. Many issues are due to human conflicts and this is just as true in Asia as in the rest of the world.

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