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Bhutan Happy Valleys

By Nick Niarchos - 2nd November 2010

The beauty of Bhutan lies in its natural harmony – it’s mystical, monastic, and far, far away. Nick Niarchos takes a journey to the zen side. An hour after the twin-propeller Druk Air flight passes Everest, it circles into the steep Paro Valley and I’m stru...

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Go on an African Safari - South Africa, Kwandwe

By Lindsay Frankel - 10th October 2010

A luxury bush and beach safari doesn’t have to bankrupt you, if you choose a country with a favourable exchange rate and drive yourself. In South Africa, Nicola Shepherd of African Explorations recommends the malaria-free Eastern Cape, with four nights’ ful...

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Capture the Kingdom of Bhutan

By Hazel Lubbock - 9th August 2010

Luxury retreat Uma Paro has teamed up with experienced tour guide and photographer Ugyen Wangchuk, to give guests the chance to see Bhutan through the lens of a camera. The seven-night trip takes aspiring photographers on in-depth explorations of the countr...

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Mozambique - Earth at its most raw and beautiful

By Lisa Grainger - 5th August 2010

Mozambique's magnificent coral reefs, creamy sand beaches, warm seas and abundant wildlife keep Lisa Grainger spellbound. As I wandered about Beira in a culture-shocked daze, little beads of sweat wiggling down my forehead in the muggy heat, I heard my name...

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Wildebeest migration: where to watch it

By Lisa Grainger – 15th July 2010

Newly opened on June 1, Serengeti Soroi Lodge sits on a remote hill overlooking the plains of Musabi and the western corridor of the famed Serengeti plains, and offers front-row seats for the migration in May and June, and again in November and December. Ow...

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Kinondo Kwetu Diani Beach Kenya

By Happy Families - 29th June 2010

Something new on the Kenyan coast - hallelujahl An amazing hideaway, with a style that reflects the sophisticated Swedish owners.It's like a stage set, but without being phoney. There are lots of nooks for quiet moments,two pools - including one for the tad...

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Plain to See in the Cradle of Mankind

By Lou Cooper - 24th June 2010

A new initiative allows would-be safari-goers to learn bush craft from the tribespeople of Kenya's Great Rift Valley and Masai Mara. Lou cooper experiences shock and awe in Kenya. Living and working in the sprawling metropolis that is London, the nearest mo...

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How tourism can help save the tiger

By Brian Jackman - 24th June 2010

The killing of a tiger on an illegal game drive in an Indian reserve has reopened the debate over how best to protect the animal. Peter Hughes argues that tourism is essential but must be better managed. Brian Jackman (Page 10) reports from one park that is...

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Mara Intrepids Kenya

By Happy Families - 22nd June 2010

So how far is it? From Nairobi, 45 minutes by air. It's the best camp for young children. They can run wild and free with the Masai who look after the kids' club without bumping into any lions. Which Room? There are 30 huge tents: for the best views, book t...

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Into the wild with a luxury safari in South Africa

By Georgina Wilson-Powell - 17th June 2010

Answer the call of nature into the wild with a luxury safari in South Africa. Heading into the bush, bumping around in a rattling old Land Rover, dust flying in your wake... this is a lot of people’s idea of what a safari holiday in South Africa would be li...

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101 Best Hotels Oyster Bay Tanzania

By 101 Best Hotels - 16th June 2010

You're heading to the wild plains of Tanzania with an inevitable night in Dar Salaam on the way. Now there's a reason notjust to stop off but to really tuck in. Oyster Bay overlooks the sparkling ocean with lazy, buttery beaches just a pad away. It is glori...

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101 Best Hotels Okahirongo Elephant Lodge Namibia

By 101 Best Hotels - 16th June 2010

The top lodges in Namibia have been riding their dune for some time. Now a young blood is kicking up some sand. This place is located in the beautiful north west, with its golden grasses, purple hillsides and red dunes. The structures you stay in are influe...

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Mozambique Mystique

By Lisa Granger - 12th June 2010

Endless deserted beaches, aquamarine lagoons and emerging safari parks make Mozambique perfect for an African adventure. Lisa Grainger flies in. Swinging in a palm-shaded hammock at Nuarro Luxury Eco Lodge, looking out over a pale turquoise lagoon fringed w...

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Luxury African Safari and Tailor Made Vacations Experts

By Cision PR - 14th May 2010

Luxury African Safari and Tailor Made Vacations Experts Launch New Adventure Holiday Itineraries. Nicola Shepherd’s African and Indian Explorations Company launches exciting new range of holidays for the most adventurous discerning thrill seekers in some of...

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Stellar Spas - Lion in the Sun, Malindi, Kenya

By Daisy Finer - 1st May 2010

Two children in and my body was in need of rehab. I was exhausted. Most of the time I felt like a sad, lumpy, wandering butter cake. So, I decided to be brave, leave the little ones (husband in charge) and hotfoot it for a week to the north coast of Kenya ...

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Where the Wild Things Really Are in Mozambique

By Lucia Van Der Post - 10th April 2010

Mozambiques Gorongosa was once one of Africa's most magnificent wildlife parks. Its 4,000 square kilometres lie at the end of the Great Rift Valley and in its heyday it was dubbed "the place where Noah parked his ark". Once it had more predators than South ...

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When is the Safari Season in Africa?

By Laura Griffith-Jones – 4th April 2010

As the Great Migration gets underway once again, Africa's safari experiences get ever more thrilling. Laura Griffith-Jones tracks down the best bush holidays of the season and finds exciting new ways to see the Big Five, rare wildlife walks through unexplor...

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Busanga Bush Camp Kafue National Park Zambia

By Harpers Bazaar - 10th March 2010

Busanga Bushcamp is located in the Kafue area of northern Zambia. Set in the heart of the wonderful Busanga Plains in Zambia, this lovely simple and very small camp offers a really intimate and authentic safari experience. Activities are centred on vehicle...

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Three new Dune Busters in Namibia

By Francesca Syz - 1st March 2010

Namibia will shortly have three new private camps offering a different experience in the Namib Desert. Mention Namibia and most people think of the otherworldly giant orange sand-dunes at Sossusvlei. Spectacular as these are, they are only part of the story...

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Jungle Bookings in Madhya Pradesh, India

By Victoria Mather - 20th April 2007

India is indeed the land of the tiger with some superb tiger reserves found all the way from the Himalayan foothills to the reserves in the deep south. Indian Explorations arranges wildlife holidays to India which are expertly tailored by one of India’s top...

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Where to see Tigers in India

By Clementine Hambro - 6th April 2007

Tiger safaris in India are a wonderful way of exploring some of the finest wilderness in the Indian subcontinent. Tigers continue to suffer from a host of pressures but we believe that tiger tourism – if done sensitively and imaginatively in a well-regulate...

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