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Lewa Wilderness Safari Kenya

Started in 1972, Lewa Wilderness lodge in Kenya is an integral part of the history of Lewa Downs as it transformed from a farm into a not-for-profit wildlife conservancy that has gained an international reputation for extending the benefits of conservation beyond its borders. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy now boasts 62,000 acres of conserved land and the richness of wildlife here is astounding with over 70 different animal species and 350 bird species. By staying at Lewa Wilderness, guests are automatically supporting the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and all of the conservation and community development efforts. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy provides a safe haven for a wide variety of wildlife, and is particularly famous for its rhino and Grevy zebra programs. The rhino program began in 1986 when the Craig’s set aside 5,000 acres of land to set up the Ngare Sergoi Rhino Sanctuary. The rhinos prospered and in 1995, the Craig family turned the entire ranch into a conservancy. Lewa continues to run one of the most successful rhino protection programs in Africa and is home to 12% of Kenya’s critically endangered black rhino population. With less than 3,000 Grevy zebra remaining worldwide, Lewa represents the single largest population of Grevy zebra in the world with over 20% of these beautiful animals residing there.