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How are Nomad helping to improve the health of local communities in Tanzania?

As a company that was born from its love of wilderness, Nomad Tanzania takes responsibility for its protection and they are forever in pursuit of wilderness that will be safe for generations to come.

The Nomad Trust in Tanzania, works on three main areas of focus; Conservation, Education and Health. The in-house team work alongside their camp staff to run initiatives of their own, as well as use their influence to generate awareness and support for projects that are strongly aligned with Nomad’s core values. 

At The Explorations Company, we know that without an active involvement in conservation and community improvement, as well as a commitment to sustainable management of Tanzania’s wonderful wildlife and habitats, our children won’t have the same pleasure and privilege we've enjoyed all these years.

Nomad believe that for them to make a meaningful contribution to the conservation of the wildlife, they need to take care of the needs of their people, always making sure that they feel the benefit of keeping their wild places safe.

Just by going on safari with us, you will have contributed to the valuable work being done by people across the country determined to make a difference. 

In this particular video we see the impact that safaris have on the lives of people who need specialist health care in some of the most remote corners of Tanzania.

How does Nomad Tanzania do it?

Nomad covers all the administration costs of the Trust and donates 100% of camp shop profits, massage proceeds and guest donations to the Trust and its partner projects.

Conservation and Community

Conservation and community work go hand in hand for establishing sustainable change. Nomad partners with organisations they have identified for the great work they are doing to conserve and protect some of the most vulnerable ecosystems, as well as their surrounding communities, around Tanzania’s wilderness.

They build relationships with communities and join forces to help build the foundations for better educated and more aware local communities.

The Nomad Business

Nomad’s philosophy is to make their people their business, starting with local communities. Even at a company level, their community involvement is a driving force for the choices they make; they believe in business as a force for good. They hire local, source local, train, up-skill and invest in their people. Taking it to the next level, through the Trust, they also work with neighbouring communities to find where they need support and assess how they can bridge gaps in their education, health and community development. They gather school resources and medical supplies, sponsor community agricultural workshops and outreach programmes and lend a helping hand where they can. This is all part of the Trust business.

The Plaster House

The Plaster House is a home in Arusha that treats children from all over Tanzania with corrective, orthopaedic, plastic and neuro surgery for disabilities such as cleft pallet and club foot, as well as provide the necessary rehabilitative post-op care.

Sadly many children with disfigurements are hidden from society by their families.

Nomad run’s outreach programmes in communities near their camps to raise awareness on health problems suffered by many children in secret and work with the families to understand their disabilities and ultimately get them to The Plaster House for treatment. Children from as far away as Katumbi near Mahale National Park left their villages for the first time, to fly 500km to Arusha for life changing operations, where they stayed for six weeks until they were well enough to return home.

Clinic Meds and Resources

Nomad support’s rural village clinics with essential medicines, access to child vaccinations and mosquito nets for needy families in cut-off communities and much more. One extra patient bed can make the difference between a woman giving birth in the clinic, or going back home. A treated family mosquito net can dramatically reduce the chance of malaria among children. They work with local clinics to run outreach programs and take valuable health services to the more marginalised and vulnerable members of the community.

Health Education, Awareness and Rights

Nomad also promotes health education, running awareness campaigns to spread health education and equip communities with the knowledge to protect themselves against common health challenges. Doing this has a far reaching impact and goes right to the root of mainly common but avoidable health problems. Basic sanitation, proper and safe water use, postnatal care and child nutrition, are just some of the topics covered.

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