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Fregate Island Private Seychelles

If you are looking for a personalised, luxury stay in the Seychelles, look no further than the extraordinary resort of Fregate Island Private. Boasting seven private beaches, including one which has been voted among the world’s most beautiful, the island is the perfect place for an intimate and secluded getaway.

Arriving by private boat or helicopter, you will be amazed by the island’s idyllic villa accommodation. Each one has personalised butler and maid service, with its own private infinity pool and beautiful views over the ocean. The villas on Fregate Island Private, have been sympathetically designed with the surrounding landscape in mind, with thatched roofs, wooden floors and fresh white linens used throughout.

With just 16 residences and the Banyan Hill Estate, the island remains exclusively the realm of its select few guests and, as no day visitors are allowed, privacy is reassuringly its watchword. This is a place to come for seclusion.

Discover a place where ecologically friendly development and luxurious living go hand in hand. This is also a destination that’s perfect for those who are looking for a holiday retreat with true eco-credentials.

The invasive trees that were planted across the Seychelles in previous centuries are now being replaced by indigenous species such as takamaka trees and heavily scented, rare Wrights Gardenia. We are often highly sceptical of conservation claims, but reintroduction of endangered species, such as the magpie-robin and Seychelles blue pigeon, have all been successfully managed at Fregate.

Where is Fregate Private Island located?

Lying four degrees south of the equator, Fregate is one of 115 islands in the Seychelles archipelago, east of the mainland, Mahé. This granitic outcrop is fringed by seven spectacular beaches, which are so secluded that endangered hawksbill turtles climb ashore in broad daylight to lay and hatch their eggs. If lucky you may be able to watch them doing so. 

Elsewhere, there are what are believed to be ruins of a building constructed by Arab pirates, who based themselves on Fregate when fighting the British East India Company. It is a truly exceptional place, where development has thus far been carefully balanced with preserving, and even restoring the natural surroundings.

As night falls, terns and bats swoop across the skies, which lower to deep ebony and fill with bold stars. The island is an hour by ferry or 20 minutes by helicopter from Mahé.

What sort of accommodation is available at Fregate Private Island?

Fregate Island Private boasts just 16 villas with one and two bedrooms, each having a private infinity pool, jacuzzi, large terrace with day bed and a private butler. The Presidential Villa offers stunning views and comes complete with a chef and dedicated butlers.

  • Each of Fregate Island Private's luxury villas boasts a private pool, offering wonderful tranquillity and a laid-back hideaway. You can choose from the 13 Private Pool Villas, the trio of Private Pool Twin Villas and the achingly luxurious private Banyan Hill Estate, designed with three detached villas. The choice of accommodation means this is a fantastic destination for family getaways and romantic escapes alike.
  • Each villa here benefits from the services of a dedicated 24/7 private butler, so service is completely personalised and bespoke. You'll also find your personal Fregate Island Private buggy parked right outside your villa, so you've got the freedom to explore this incredible landscape as you wish. 
  • Each of the island's villas offers spacious and luxurious bedrooms and living areas, both with air-conditioning and ceiling fans. The bedrooms feature a king-sized bed; a large, open bathroom with ‘his and hers’ basins; indoor and outdoor showers with rain shower heads; and a beautiful bathtub. A large closet area with windows and a personal safe is also built into the space. Amenities within the spacious living areas include a television, DVD, complimentary Wi-Fi (throughout the whole villa), a small bathroom and an outdoor rain shower.

You will also find coffee and tea making facilities and a mini bar, which are always stocked with your favourite tipples. There's also a wine chiller filled with the island's house wines, and a cocktail mixing kit for evenings in. The living room can be transformed into a second bedroom for up to three children - perfect for those travelling as part of an extended family group.

What activities are available on Fregate Island?

You’ll certainly never be bored in Fregate Island Private as it has everything you could ever need and more.

As an incredibly eco-friendly resort, Frégate is really keen to introduce guests to the island’s fantastic ecosystem, affording you a greater understanding of the importance of the many conservation projects for life on the island.

You can embark on a Nature Walk with a resident conservationist for an inspiring insight, or assist them in some of their field work, such as checking nest boxes for chicks, or searching for sea turtle hatchlings. You can also make an invaluable contribution to conservation activities via the Tortoise Adoption Programme.

Snaking mountain trails are great for hiking and mountain biking, while the Rock Spa offers a less strenuous alternative. Arrangements can also be made for helicopter rides to golfing destinations or other islands.

PADI certified diving courses are available for all levels, and the diving staff are always happy to share their recommendations when it comes to the numerous dive sites in the area. A nearby game bank is available for deep sea fishing enthusiasts, and the resort can also make arrangements for you to accompany a local fisherman on a trip for a truly authentic taste of Seychellois life.

Finally, be sure to make the most of the island’s awe-inspiring location by taking part in the stargazing programme.

Is Fregate Private Island Family-Friendly?

Yes. Parents may well want to use a holiday here as a hands-on opportunity to teach offspring about protecting endangered species and their habitats; there is the chance to handle endemic beetles, come close to the cute, white, and fluffy terns that nest on the ground, and learn about giant millipedes and tortoises.

Guides will also lead children on jungle walks through parts that are out of bounds for adults, where the giant tortoises and many other wonderful animals and plants grow and thrive.

Also pop into the plantation house, built 110 years ago when the island was still used for crops. It contains beautiful colonial-style furniture and all sorts of paraphernalia, maps, animal skulls and antique dried corals that tell the Seychelles’ history of colonialism and piracy. 

There is also a more conventional club house with games, craft materials, books, and videos, however, a full service here is only offered during the Christmas and Easter holidays.

When is the best time to visit the Seychelles and Fregate Island?

With the Seychelles and Fregate island sitting at Four degrees south of the equator, the weather and islands enjoy a pleasant tropical climate year-round and, as they are situated outside the cyclone belt, there are no extremes of weather. The temperature seldom drops below 24 degrees or rises above 33-degree C. However, it must be said that globally changing climatic conditions make it difficult to predict exact weather patterns.

From October to March the islands are affected by the northwest trade winds. This is when the sea is generally calm with warm tropical water and from May to September, the weather is generally drier and cooler, with choppy seas, particularly on the south-eastern coast, which is when the southeast trade winds occur.  The wettest months are December and January. May to October are best for windsurfing and sailing.

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