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Luxury Mobile Camping in Northern Tanzania

Explore the iconic safari regions of the Serengeti, Tarangire and the Ngorongoro completely privately, with exclusive-use camps and the finest private guides in the country.

With the flexibility luxury mobile camping affords in Northern Tanzania, nothing is too much trouble! The remarkable thing is that on safari, no two days are ever the same. The light is different, the scent is different, the wildlife you see will be different, the interactions and behaviours will be different. This is what makes Africa so fabulous!

The Serengeti

The Serengeti is famous for its abundance of year round wildlife. In terms of predators, it is difficult to surpass the Serengeti-Masai Mara ecosystem, with its iconic infinite savannah grasslands and plains with blonde grasses teeming with game, swamps, montane woodland and many kopjies (small hills formed by termite mounds), which make great observation points or look out areas for cheetah and the topi antelope alike. The sheer diversity of vegetational habitat attracts a large variety of wildlife, which results in excellent, year round game viewing.

Here one can stay in a luxury mobile tented camp which can be set up almost anywhere, depending on your requirements and the time of the year that you are visiting. The camp is small, consisting of only three tents (accommodating up to six guests).

There is a dining and lounge tent too, and each tent has en suite bathroom facilities. This camp has been run since 1984 by an incredibly experienced and passionate team, creating an intimate safari experience with tasty food and simplicity that comes with a small camp.

For larger groups the sister camps Akiba-Kibwe and Dulana Camp are seasonal camps which are set up for several months in the same place and then move as the season changes. These are authentic tented camps which are booked exclusively for groups of up to sixteen. This is ideal for larger families or groups of friends, but could be booked for as few as two people.

Akiba-Kibwe is positioned in the north of the Serengeti and each tent has uninterrupted views of the plains. The dining and lounge tent has beautiful billowing fabrics allowing shade. The chefs expertly create fresh food tailored to your preferences.

Akiba lies in the route of the Migration as the wildebeest and zebra move towards the Mara River and one can see exciting river crossings, predator kills and a plethora of mammal and birdlife.

Camp Dulana sits in the southern part of the Serengeti and is positioned on the edge of Hidden Valley, where the Migration transits between plains and woodland, resulting in exciting game viewing directly from camp.

The setting for Dulana was selected for exclusivity, being in an isolated setting away from other tourism offerings.

Tarangire National Park

This is entirely different to the Serengeti. Tarangire comprises of more dense vegetation, made up of Acacia and combretum woodland (Acacia being the iconic flat topped trees that one sees is many photographs), swamps, grassland river valley and the enormous, beautiful Baobab trees.

This region is best known for its large elephant population (which migrate from the Simanjiro corridor between August and September), as well as its resident leopard population. Despite having excellent concentrations of wildlife, this is a very quiet park. One can game view by vehicle both during the day and the night in Tarangire (where one can see nocturnal species) and walking is also on offer.

Fixed (but just as beautiful and authentic as a mobile) camp Osunyai Lamarkau is set on the edge of the wilderness zone, facing the rising sun. This is the most remote of any camps in the park, and the camp is only booked exclusively for your party of up to 16 people.

What activities are available?

  • Viewing the Great Migration in the Serengeti,
  • See large herds of elephant in Tarangire,
  • Game drives,
  • Night drives,
  • Family safaris.

Is mobile camping suitable for family safaris?

Yes, private mobile safaris are ideal for families as they allow you to set your own timetable! In the main, we would recommend with very young children that one has no more than around 3 nights on a private mobile safari, interspersed with a villa with swimming pool. We can always provide camp nannies for you, too.

When is the best time to take a safari to Northern Tanzania?

The Serengeti is fabulous year-round with the exception of April and May which are the rainy months. The calving time for the wildebeest migration occurs in February which is often seen as the best month to see the migration, but in fact, January through to March is excellent for this.

The beauty of mobile camps is that one can have them positioned in the best wildlife region for the time in which you are travelling. This might be in the central Serengeti during June, or the northern Serengeti between July through to October and the southern Serengeti from December through to March.

Akiba Kibwe Camp is open from June through November in the very north of the Serengeti, and then Dulana Camp is open from December to May in the South of the Serengeti.


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