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Nomad’s Lamai Private, Serengeti, Tanzania

Exclusive for Private Groups and strung around the bottom of a boulder-bound Serengeti base, this camp communes completely privately with the bristling plains of the north - annual site of the Migration crossings of the Mara River, gateway to the Lamai Wedge and a year-round arena of spectacular resident big game.

Lamai Private Serengeti is owned and operated by Nomad Tanzania. One of the first safari companies to set up in East Africa, Nomad runs high-quality properties across Tanzania’s northern, southern, and western areas.

Above it all stands this sacred kopje – and their mission is to be its guardians. Creating an outstanding lodge that did no harm there was no mean feat, but they took the view that where nature leads, beauty and style will follow… and so it did.

Where is Lamai Serengeti located?

The camp is usually accessed via 45 minutes’ road transfer from Kogatende airstrip. It’s situated in the Serengeti’s northern region, amidst the spectacular Kogakuria kopjes! This is a very remote part of the park.

You can see from this outcrop, the Kogakuria Kopje, for miles and miles. Over a million wildebeest cross these plains on their way to dodge the jaws of death in the Mara River, just down the track. 

On the Lamai Wedge, bristling with mammals all year round, there’s never a dull moment. Above it all, our beautiful kopje is a sacred wildlife haven – and our mission is to act as its faithful guardians.

What sort of accommodation is available at Lamai Serengeti?

Guest accommodation consists of 12 rooms, split into two properties. Main Lodge has eight rooms and Private Lodge, which can be booked on an exclusive basis, has just four.

Two of the Main Lodge rooms are suitable for family use. All rooms are open fronted, offering uninterrupted views over the Serengeti’s sprawling plains! Each occupies a timber-and-thatch structure that’s nicely nestled into the Kogakuria kopjes and positioned with maximum privacy in mind.

With every standard room, a wooden door leads into the spacious bedroom. Here, you’ll find a double bed with mosquito nets, bedside tables and lighting, a writing desk and chair, lots of snug rugs, and a day bed too. The bedroom flows out onto the deck, which is set with a small table and a couple of chairs. Back in the room, another wooden door opens into the washroom, which contains flush toilet, twin washbasins, step-up shower, and a useful storage unit. From here, a stable-style door leads onto the deck.

The two family rooms benefit from all the features of the standard room and each also has an extra twin bedroom for children. Rather than en-suite arrangements, there’s one large shower room, which is shared.

When is the best time to visit Lamai Serengeti?

This area of lush, rolling grassland and tree-lined watercourses is the hub around which the Serengeti migration circulates. During the dry season, the herds mass on both banks of the Mara River, frequently crossing - and braving the crocs - in response to local weather patterns that only they seem to understand.

But even a brief visit to Lamai at any time of year will demonstrate that it's not all about the migration. Unlike the southern plains of the Serengeti that dry out, forcing all but the hardiest of species to leave, this area remains lush and green. There's a collective sigh of relief from the resident game when the one and a half million migrating wildebeest - and the madness that attends them - leave town for a few months. 

And the resident game at Lamai Serengeti is spectacular. Plains game in the form of zebra, topi, gazelles, impala, buffalo and giraffe all frequent the area throughout the year.  Lion are rarely far away and leopard, ever present, but always elusive, stalk the rocky kopjes and river lines.

What should I pack and bring with me?

Your safari suitcase, packed properly, will ensure that you have everything you need for the ultimate African bush experience. Cotton clothing in neutral colours is recommended for all game drives and bush walks. It is best to avoid white clothing and dark colours for bush activities, as they tend to attract certain bugs. Formal wear is not required.

We recommend packing the following:

  • Comfortable walking shoes/track shoes/hiking boots for walks; and sandals to wear around the house.
  • Swimming costume/bathing suits, sun block, sun hat, sunglasses, lip balm, mosquito repellent
  • Camera and video camera, binoculars, spare memory cards and charging equipment. 
  • Please note that in the event of rain during a game drive, waterproof ponchos will be provided for your comfort.
  • The lodge is located in a remote area and therefore you should remember to bring an extra pair of spectacles (if required), contact lenses and an extra set of contact lenses (if required) as well as a sufficient supply of any prescription medication.

Does Lamai Serengeti cater for families with young children?

We’ve been taking our own children on safari for years, so we know what floats their boats in the bush. Lamai Serengeti was created specially with them in mind, so everything about it from the freedom from schedules to the toddler pool is about making them (and you) happy.

  • 3 bedrooms with child-safe annexes
  • Age 8 and over 
  • Bush walks (over 12s)
  • Private guiding available 
  • Designed specifically with families in mind
  • Secure children’s' rooms
  • High chairs, car seats, cots, and baby baths available
  • Babysitters at hand

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