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Horse riding safaris in the Mewar region of South Rajasthan India

In the Mewar region of South Rajasthan, India, one can take a tailor made and thrilling horse riding safari through the countryside brought to you by the owners of Bijaipur Castle.

When one embarks upon a riding adventure through the unspoilt countryside of Rajasthan, the horses can take you where jeeps and walking cannot. Experience the beauty of Rajasthan and the culture of the villages that you come across on the way, without any other visitors except for yourselves.

Exceptionally guided by the owners of Bijaiur Castle, this family has lived in this region and owned the castle for generations, converting it into a hotel in 1991. They know the region intimately and can show you hidden gems that you will only find with local knowledge.

You ride on Marwari horses which are beautiful, gentle creatures - a joy to ride. Only found in Northern India, they are perfectly suited to the terrain and are powerful, compact and elegant.

The rides last anything from four to seven hours a day, with breaks for bird watching, village walks and jeep safaris along the way, as well as a picnic lunch. In the evenings you stay either at local lodges or hotels, or in a custom-made mobile tented camp set up just for you. Enjoy your delicious evening meal, cooked on an open fire under the stars, as you revisit the thrills of the day.

The itinerary and length of the rides can be tailored to your needs, and you can even have a massage therapist travel with you to help relax your muscles after a day of riding, pure bliss!

Then, why not spend a few days at the Castle at the beginning or end of your riding safari to relax, enjoy the spa, learn yoga or meditation, take some cooking classes or head out with specialist guides to do some fishing or bird watching?

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