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Awaken your spirit of awe and embark on the experience of a lifetime in the Galapagos

Pure in beauty and timeless allure, these volcanic islands have the kind of rugged, unaltered magnetism that is increasingly scarce and are home to endemic species found nowhere else on Earth. For wildlife enthusiasts, there is no greater pilgrimage than a trip to the province that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and formulated in “Origin of Species”.

From the bow of your luxury expedition vessel, you will search the coastline for bottlenose dolphins and if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, snorkel alongside the playful sea lions during an outing on your yacht.

You’ll see plenty of creatures during your tour of the Galápagos, including green sea turtles and during a pilgrimage to the island of Isabela, the famed giant tortoises. Join in with their leisurely pace as these prehistoric reptiles mosey across the island.

Search the skyline and the rocky outcroppings for the rare birds of the Galápagos.

A flash of cobalt can give away a cartoonish blue-footed booby, while a line of birdsong may belong to one of Darwin’s namesake finches.

You will embark on your wildlife-rich Galápagos journey from San Cristobal Island, where you’ll immediately begin searching for the famed frigate birds, lava lizards and namesake mockingbirds. Each Itinerary will be tailored to satisfy the requirements and interest of your family or private group of friends.

However as an example, a typical seven-day route can work its way southward to Punta Pitt (considered the single greatest site for birds in the archipelago) before continuing to Espanola Island, home to the greatest number of endemic Galápagos species. It is here and only here, that the waved albatross performs its spectacular mating ritual each year between April and December.

You will next step ashore on Floreana, or Charles Island, famous for its glimmering green sand, followed by Santa Cruz Island, the proverbial social centre of the Galápagos and Bartolome, known for its lunar-like landscape. This particular itinerary concludes in North Seymour, a small uplift swarming with swallow-tailed gulls, blue-footed boobies, endemic land iguanas, and the largest colony of magnificent frigate birds in the Galápagos.

A totally private and bespoke way of exploring the Galapagos

The Theory and Origin are identical 10-cabin yachts, the ultimate Galapagos cruise vessels. Custom-designed for sustainability and comfort and their state of the art design allows for minimal environmental impact as well as less travel time between islands, meaning you have more time for exploration.

Our completely private itineraries showcase the very best Galapagos has to offer: The magnificent wildlife, stunning landscapes, rich marine environment and fascinating history. The experienced 14-member Ecuadorian crew includes a high-level captain, a full-time concierge, and two expert naturalist guides – one for every 10 guests, the lowest ratio in the Galapagos.

Discover intimate adventure on these luxury expedition yacht in complete privacy

You will discover intimate adventure on these luxury expedition yachts, whose ten spacious staterooms afford panoramic views of the passing sea.  Lounge in your light-filled spacious stateroom during the day and retreat here in the evenings. The gentle churning of the pacific will lull you to sleep, enjoy the fine bed linens, climate controls and both memory foam mattresses as well as soft pillows that will ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

High-End Luxury

The ships’ interior social areas also include a comfortable lounge for evening briefings and enriching lectures provided by the naturalists. A scholarly library features shelves filled with texts dedicated to the exploration of the Galápagos Islands and the ground breaking works of Charles Darwin, while the high-end boutique makes available everything from local handicrafts to essential sundries and souvenirs.  You will dine at marble-top tables in the dining room. At the stylish bar, mingle with your family and friends over hand-crafted cocktails, red, white and sparkling wines, local beer and fresh juices.

Open Areas

On the sundeck, you can unwind on daybeds and chaise lounges or cool off in the outdoor shower after enjoying an al fresco lunch or smoky barbecue and drinks from the wet bar. There’s also a Jacuzzi hot tub, perfect for sunny afternoons and shaded areas for escaping the equatorial sun.  The on-board experience is matched only by the incomparable beauty of the islands you will visit.

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