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21 Day Safari Experience Across Africa Like No Other by Private Executive Jet

What does a private jet holiday entail? Unsurprisingly, the demand for private jet travel has surged in 2020 and 2021, but surprisingly, the cost is not as daunting as one might initially believe. The more people who travel, the lower the cost as it is amortised by the number of travellers. Therefore, on recent calculations, flying to Kenya, for example, with one’s own group of ten, was a similar price to flying commercial in business class.

But even with just four or six people travelling for example, in a Citation or a Lear, given the benefits, it is actually quite tenable for people wanting to undertake an exciting, upscale vacation abroad.

This private jet safari to Africa is for 21 days, but we can always shave it down to 10 days or two weeks once we have had a discussion with you.

Where Does This Safari by Private Jet Travel Include?

The safari includes:

  • Visiting a giraffe and elephant sanctuary in Kenya
  • Then the Masai Mara (hopefully to see the migration) and the Chyulu Hills region in Kenya
  • Followed by southern Tanzania and Ruaha National Park.
  • Then, Gorilla trekking in the Virunga mountains in Rwanda
  • And then, Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe. Rwanda
  • Next comes the Okavango Delta, Botswana
  • With Victoria Falls, Zambia
  • And finally, Thornybush Game Reserve, South Africa

You will be met by your private professional wildlife photographer guide who will not only document the most fabulous images of your safari for your posterity, but also teach you how to capture those incredible wildlife pictures; a skill you will have forever!

Firstly, you will be collected by your chauffeur and transported to an airport closest and most convenient for you.  Boarding your private charter flight from within the US or UK to Africa, we can cater for all your needs, from an onboard sommelier to a Michelin starred chef to start your vacation in style!

On arrival into Nairobi, you will be met airside and whisked away to your gracious home in the elegant, upmarket neighbourhood of Karen. Visit the giraffe sanctuary where you can have the opportunity of feeding the Rothschild giraffe, an incredible experience, as well as visiting the baby elephant sanctuary too, where orphaned elephant calves are taken to, and develop an established herd before being sent back into the wild again.

For anyone interested in art or shopping, you can have a morning of seeing some of the finest and most famous, world renowned artists as well as fashion designers and view artisanal work. 

The following morning you will be taken back to the airport for your flight to the Masai Mara where a luxury, private mobile camp will be erected just for you and your party. The next three days will be spent driving across the plains, teeming with incredible wildlife, such as cheetah, leopard, elephant, hyaena, zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, and lion. On my recent safari to Kenya, I was in the Masai Mara and watched a hunt; a mother cheetah and her two cubs, bringing down a baby impala. Sad, yes, but also, one is aware of the circle of life. The days are spent in a Land Rover, getting up close to wildlife in the richest game reserve on the African continent!

If it is at the correct time of year (from late June through to September), then this is the time of the wildebeest migration; Africa’s greatest wildlife phenomenon when two million animals cross the plains in search of new grasses and to give birth. 1.5 million wildebeest, 500 000 zebra and antelope and a plethora of predators in their wake. If you have ever watched the David Attenborough programmes, you will get a sense of the adventure and drama unfolding before you. It may be that you are there in late December through March, in which case the migration will be crossing through the Serengeti in Tanzania.

After the Masai Mara, you will then be flown by private air charter to the Chyulu Hills where you will spend time in this fabulous and pretty area, known for the largest tusker elephants in Africa.  Your villa affords the most beautiful views and one can even sleep out at night beneath the stars on the deck. Horse riding, mountain biking, walking and game drives by Landcruiser are conducted in this lovely area, at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Here one also has the chance to talk to the head of Big Life Foundation, who also has been living in this area for so many years.  Learn about the challenges of human-wildlife conflict and how Big Life is successfully addressing these issues. Meet the fabulous anti-poaching dogs and have a demonstration of how they work. Visit the local communities which they support. Part of your proceeds benefit Big Life Foundation.

Fly back to Nairobi where you board your private jet to southern Tanzania and Ruaha, home to 10% of the entire lion population of Africa. This is a fabulous park! You spend time at your own private camp, with one of the finest walking guides in Tanzania. The next three days will be spent walking and game viewing, learning so much about this incredible eco system and seeing truly fabulous wildlife from lion, leopard, elephant, hyaena, buffalo and many more! You will meet one of the scientists of the Ruaha Carnivore project, whom part of this trip benefits and it will be a fun evening discussing what you have seen and experienced elsewhere on your journey.

From Ruaha, you will be flown by private jet to Rwanda where you will stay at the magnificent and luxurious Singita Kwitonda for two nights. You will have two gorilla treks to view the famous mountain gorillas. Considered one of the greatest bucket list aspirations, there are few words to adequately describe this thrilling, once in a lifetime experience. To sit feet away from these incredibly special, gentle creatures and observe their behaviour and their acceptance of you is a truly humbling and privileged experience.  You will have dinner one evening with the directors of the Gorilla Forest Doctors, a fabulous organisation responsible for increasing the gorilla population in East Africa.

After two fantastic days here, you will then be flown by helicopter to Nyungwe, known for one of the greatest wild chimpanzee experiences. Your accommodation is on a magnificent tea estate and here you can walk, take a canopy trail, relax, and also go on a chimpanzee trek which is incredible and so different to seeing the gorillas. Your luxury accommodation is superb, and they offer yoga, too.

After two nights, you will fly south to the beautiful country of Botswana where you spend time at arguably, one of the finest wildlife camps on the African continent. The luxurious, resplendent Little Mombo will be home of the next three nights as you game view in this incredibly wildlife rich region, renowned for its rhino, elephant, wild dog, lion, leopard, and cheetah population. Night game drives allow you to search for nocturnal species.

Fly then to Victoria Falls on the Zambia side (Livingstone), where you spend a night and a break from the safari scene. Have dinner on a train on a bridge across the Falls, which is spectacular! By day you will have flown over the Falls and have the opportunity to visit them on foot. Visit a school we support in the afternoon or perhaps the Victoria Falls wildlife sanctuary which looks after injured animals before releasing them back into the wild again. You can also take this afternoon to relax.

The following day you will fly to South Africa where you will fly to Thornybush private game reserve, renowned for its spectacular wildlife. Here you stay at the fabulous, luxury Royal Malewane and we hope to be able to arrange for you to witness a lion collaring by the vets. This is not something available to tourists normally and something we have to arrange specially with the national parks board. This again helps to combat the human wildlife conflict as the collars serve as an early warning system to local villages, and therefore save both human life and livestock and ultimately, the lion’s lives, too. We hope you will see rhino here, too.

Return to Johannesburg where you can stay at a five-star boutique hotel and visit some of Johannesburg’s finest art galleries or you spend a night in Cape Town or perhaps even visit a vineyard, or you can simply elect to travel home.

However, what you can be assured of, is that you will have stayed in the finest places in the finest wildlife areas in Africa; you will have some of the finest guides with you, including your dedicated private professional wildlife photographic guide accompanying you throughout; you will also have directly contributed to the preservation of wildlife through the charities we have involved in this safari. In other words, it has been the perfect journey, combining philanthropy with pleasure, knowing both entities have benefited hugely from this amazing vacation!

For further information, please do feel free to contact Nicola directly or at The Explorations Company for further inspiration and unforgettable safaris and holidays to Africa, Asia, and Latin America

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