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Horse riding, white water rafting, bungee jumping and other adrenalin packed adventure activities in Uganda

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Jinja is the adventure centre of Uganda with regards to adrenalin sports such as white water rafting, bungee jumping etc, and there are other activities that go at a more leisurely pace including horse riding. Daily horse riding opportunities are possible either as morning or afternoon ride or try a longer multiday ride if you wish.

Ride on safe well schooled horses through traditional villages getting to meet the local people as they go about their daily lives, seeing the real Africa – the sights and sounds.

You will ride through plantations watching the locals harvest or plant their crops in the stunning hills above the Nile valley and see this mighty river that dominates the area. Perhaps also visit Mabira Forest with its beautiful bird life and gorgeous tall dense tropical trees home to hornbills, kingfisher and blue turacos.

Horse riding is also available when staying in Mhingo Lodge in Lake Mburo Park. Here, visitors ride horses (all levels of riding experience) on the edges of the park and also in and amongst the wildlife. In the park one finds buffalo, topi, duiker and impala and of course hippo and warthog. The eland and zebra are curious about their domestic tamed cousins. Cantering across the Warukiri Range with its 360 degree views over this very pretty park is a stimulating experience.

For those wishing for a real adrenalin rush, white water rafting is such a fun and exhilarating activity and adventurers can choose to either paddle or opt to be rowed on the Nile through the rapids by fun and professional guides. There are grade 5 rapids – wide, loud and thundering over rocks and ledges, the river is magnificent here and rafting trips can be between five to seven hours for those wanting all the kicks and highs.

If rafting is not enough then the ultimate quick fix is bungee jumping over the great Nile. Thrills galore with tandem jumps and water dunking possible! Imagine jumping off the bridge at full moon or in the dark – only for the brave!

Another exciting challenge is tandem and single kayaking through the boulders and lively rapids, across calmer deep green waters and surf over the white foamy torrents.

Perhaps start your day with something that is definitely not quiet and calm – race through the Niles rapids going against the current up the rapids, against the torrent of water and rapids rising above you – by jet boat – this is a claws in, knuckle clenching ride, thrills and slides, shrieks and screams- followed by laughter as you hurdle at unbelievably high speed towards rocks, turning on a pin point at the last minute – there is a lot of breathe holding during this ride and much adrenalin and relief at the end.

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