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Where To Go In Africa In July

Travelling on Safari in July

July is a special time for safari, as the dry season is in full swing across East and Southern Africa. In Botswana, a great phenomenon occurs as the rains far away move downstream and flood the Okavango Delta. Scenic flights offer you stunning views over this huge wetland.

Travel to Africa in July and you will enjoy all the advantages that mid-winter brings to the continent. The summer rains are a distant memory, as are their attendant bugs and impenetrable greenery. Days are dry, mild and sunny; nights are cold and clear. In Southern Africa, animals are clustering at rivers and waterholes. In the Masai Mara in Kenya, the drama of the Wildebeest Migration is reaching its peak as two million animals cross the Mara River.

It's a tough call to decide where to go in July – more or less everywhere is good – but if it's heavyweight game viewing you want, in the best conditions, and with a tropical beach holiday to crown your safari, then have a look at our best recommendations.