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Where To Go In Africa In October

Travelling on Safari in October

October indicates the end of the dry seasons in Eastern and Southern Africa and game viewing remains very good. In Eastern Africa, the temperatures tend to remain moderate, however in Southern Africa the temperatures and humidity increase drastically every day making mid-day siestas a must have.

The first rains start to hit certain regions later in the month, but you will still enjoy good game viewing in the majority of the countries. This rainfall does not usually affect the quality of safari – in some areas, it is simply a refreshing break from the high temperatures that characterise the end of the dry season.

In northern Namibia, October is an overlap month as the onset of the rains creates some greenery to the desert. Visitor numbers also drop, creating some truly remote wilderness experiences. In Botswana, game viewing intensifies, especially as water is in short supply if the rains have not yet fallen, making wildlife viewing a breath-taking spectacle.

Temperatures are still on the rise in the Seychelles, Mozambique, and Mauritius, as these countries move towards the summer months.