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Have you ever thought of riding atop an elephant through the crystal clear waters of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, watching the calves playing alongside their mothers? Or perhaps walking, as an elephant cradles its trunk in your hand? If not, this is an experience to consider and top of our list as the most wonderful, humbling, experience imaginable!

Elephant back safari holidays offer some of the very best safaris possible in Africa! We adore elephants because of their complicated yet endearing family structure – the unique bonding of the matriarchal society and their unique intelligence.

In Botswana, we offer elephant back safaris in the Okavango Delta where one can ride the elephant in the waters surrounding the island. This is the only opportunity one has of immersing oneself in a herd, watching them as the calves interact with their mother and their siblings and learn about their family structure. You still get to see incredible wildlife from the top of an elephant as one can get so close to wildlife as they see the elephant as purely another animal. There is even a chance to spend the night above them, observing them for an evening in a treehouse! This is an experience of a lifetime and if you really want to spend quality time with elephants, then this is the safari for you!

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There are several other elephant experiences that we can offer. One can spend hours with zoologist Doug Groves, who will explain the finer points and behavioural patterns of these magnificent pachyderms. Doug will encourage you to stroll with Jabulani, Marula and Thembi, who lay their trunks on your shoulder as you walk with them.This is the only opportunity one will ever have to be in the presence of elephants that are intrinsically wild and cannot be ridden but are at the same time totally trusting and unafraid to the point of allowing you to touch and stroke them and observe their playful behaviour and social interaction. This is a gem and not be missed by anyone interested in these beautiful creatures.

In Kenya, Elephant Watch Camp is a jewel where one can also visit the Save The Elephant researchstation. The magnificent, bohemian, unusual and highly recommended ‘Ellie Watch Camp’ is owned by Iain and Oria Douglas-Hamilton. A proportion of funds are donated to Iain’s Save The Elephants Trust. There is also Daphne Sheldrick’s elephant orphanage in Nairobi where the calves can be seen.

We can, for a donation, arrange for you to go out into the bush with scientists, learning about elephants – in both Kenya and South Africa.

Alternatively, for those simply wanting to go to parks which have lots of elephants, we can suggest Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana at certain times of year. All of these tailormade safaris are completely designed around you and your hobbies and interests! Contact us and be one step closer to your elephant safari!


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