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An Expedition into the Heart of Chad's Sahara Desert

Embark on an expedition of a lifetime into the heart of Chad’s Ennedi Desert, usually only accessible to nomads and their camel trains. We have curated a small group expedition to this remote UNESCO World Heritage Site, taking you into the wilderness where few people have gone before. Accompanied by expert guides, our unique expedition leads you into the “Eden of the Sahara”, exploring by 4x4 and camel.

Start your journey at Camp Warda, the Ennedi Massif’s first semi-permanent camp. After spending a few days exploring the surrounding area here, head off into the desert, traversing across the remote terrain and sleeping under the stars in fly camps overnight. Discover unique geological features, ancient rock art, magnificent Tassilan formations, hidden oases and glistening lakes, and learn about the fascinating history, geology, culture and wildlife of this mysterious region. This is one of the most exciting off-the-grid adventures you can have in Africa today. 


This small group expedition takes place in January 2024. The cost is from $23,500 per person (sharing) based on a group size of 6 and excluding international flights.


The itinerary

Day 1: Arrive into N'Djamena and transfer to the Hilton N'Djamena for the night. 

Day 2 -  5: Take a private charter flight to Archei natural airstrip, followed by a short drive to Warda Camp. This is your base for the next four nights. Enjoy lunch and a refreshing siesta before setting off on an enjoyable hike on Toukou Massif. Over the next three days you will explore the extraordinary Ennedi Massif and nearby region, discovering ancient rock art, extraordinary sandstone features, vast expanses of sand dunes and beautiful oases.

Day 6 - 10: Journey into the desert on a once-in-a-lifetime camel trekking expedition. Navigate large dunes and valleys that cut through the western massif, creating the most incredible landscape of sand and stone pinnacles. Spend the night fly camping beneath the starry skies.

Day 10 - 12: Visit a characteristic Saharan village, set amongst a lush oasis of date palms, before heading north to pick up an ancient caravan route across the desert. Wake to a new landscape each day as you make your way towards the Ounianga region and its lakes. Spend the day hiking along the sandy banks through palm groves and cooling off in the shimmering waters of the lake.

Day 13 - 14:

Leave the Ouinanga lakes region and head south, passing through ‘gares’ (long narrow sandy cliffs) and transfer to 4x4 vehicles to cross through Bembeché, a region of steep parallel ridges shaped by the wind. On day 14 you will reach Faya, the largest oasis in northern Chad. 

Day 15 - 16: Travel back to N’Djamenja by private charter flight to rest and recuperate at the Hilton hotel before your onward international flights on day 16. 


If you would like to extend your journey, we recommend visiting the extraordinary Zakouma National Park for an incredible wildlife safari experience.


Contact our Chad expert for more information and a tailored price.


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Expeditions in this region provide the opportunity to see the below fascinating features of this extraordinary region:

  • Ennedi Massif: A vast sandstone wall, covering some 30,000 km2 on the southern fringes of the Sahara Desert.
  • Ounianga Lakes: Jewel of the Sahara. Islands in a sea of sand, 18 interconnected lakes in the Ounianga region to the west of the Tibesti Mountains in the heart of the Sahara Desert, are relics of a single, much larger lake occupying the basin some 10,000 years ago. Colourful sandstone rocks of all shades descend into the lakes, which are themselves varying shades of green and blue.
  • Rock Art: Throughout the Ennedi Region is a wealth of rock art, some believed to be 8,000 years old. The paintings and engravings of women, wildlife and hunting scenes allow glimpses into the lives of ancient inhabitants of the region.
  • Archei Guelta: With aquifers and high rainfall, natural water pools sustains abundant flora and fauna as well as human life. Guelta d’Archei is the largest oasis in the region, where nomads water their camels in the company of the last populations of Saharan crocodile.
  • Guelta Maya: An ancient desert oasis! 40 meters wide, fed from aquifers believed to be over 4000 years old, with these fresh waters life here thrives. Set deep, with a rocky overhang at the top of the canyon that limits evaporation, Guelta Maya has never yet dried up.
  • Aloba: Aloba Arch is the second highest natural archway in the world; 120 meters tall and 75m wide - surpassed only by Shipton’s Arch in China. The massive sandstone structure was initially hollowed out by ancient streams, and polished over centuries by sand storms.
  • Bamena Massif: Explore the Bamena Massif with your private guide, seeing spectacular rock formations, towering arches, winding dunes and the sacred mountain of Bideyat. 
  • Traditional village: A characteristic village where you can meet the local people that live in the banco houses amongst an oasis of date palms. 
  • Caravan Route: Follow an ancient camel caravan route, following the paths used to transport salt from the Ounianga region to the Southern Chadian villages and the Northern Libyan oasis. 


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