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Burma (Myanmar) Holidays - All the allure of the veiled, hidden and mysterious

As Lucia van der Post so aptly wrote in the Financial Times recently, “The lack of sophistication is an essential part of Myanmar’s charm; it is culturally intact. Go now if you want a glimpse of something fragile and precious.”

A holiday to Burma has all the allure of the veiled, hidden and mysterious. It beckons powerfully and tugs at our visceral curiosity to peek behind the curtain. For years this country with its long history, its rich agriculture and Buddhist monuments and treasures, its gentle smiling people and laid-back pace of life that harks back to an earlier, gentler era, exerted a powerful attraction on the imagination of travellers much as it has done for waves of immigrants throughout the centuries.

Hidden behind the barriers erected by General Ne win and the present-day junta, Burma carries a glow of romance. The Ayeyerwady River and the temples of Bagan - magnificent from the vantage of a hot air balloon, stretching across the plains in the golden haze of dawn. Or the grandeur of the Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon or Inle Lake in Shan province. But more than anything else, one has a Burma holiday for the gentle distinctiveness of life here – the daily addition of gold leaf to certain temples in Bagan, the leg rowers of Inle Lake, who stand on the stern of their boats and hook a leg to paddle with which allows them to look over the reed beds and amazing water gardens; the ubiquitous tea stalls on every street-corner, where so much time is spent. The boats cruise down the river, sailing past a timeless landscape and for the more venturesome who want to see beyond the government-approved façade, are the boat trips down from Mytikyina and Bhamo, staying in village homestays and interacting with the wonderful people who truly make Burma. There is now a magnificent, Orient Express luxury boat that travels down the Ayeyerwady River from Mandalay to Pagan for three to seven nights or in August, an eleven night cruise that takes one through magnificent gorges and forgotten villages to Bhamo on the Chinese border.

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Burma (Myanmar) Family Holidays

Burma – or Myanmar, as it is known today – is a beautiful and mythical country. It allows for a wonderful adventure into a gentle, genuine and unspoilt region that is keen to welcome tourists of all ages and will create a truly unique and unforgettable experience for the whole family.
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The history and architecture

Over the past couple of decades Burma has almost been ‘sanctified’ by the charismatic and gently unrelenting presence of Aung San Suu Kyi at the head of Burma’s battle for democratic freedom against one of the most repressive and regressive military juntas of the post-World war 2 era. Nowhere did Orwell’s books ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’ resonate more than in Burma.
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