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Where to go in Asia in January

Holidays to Asia in January

January is one of the best months to visit South and Southeast Asia. Many coastal regions including South India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, several regions of Vietnam, Myanmar and the Maldives are at their best with warm and sunny weather with almost no rain. It is also an excellent time to explore many of the iconic waterways on a luxury river crise including the Mekong on Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, the Ganges and Brahmaputra in India, and the Irrawaddy in Myanmar.

If you are a skiing enthusiast, January is an excellent time to enjoy some of the best powder in the world in northern Japan. For incredible underwater adventures and mind-blowing marine biodiversity, consider diving and snorkeling in the Maldives, Andaman Islands in India or Raja Ampat in Indonesia. Or go on an incredible safari in the dense jungles of India or Sri Lanka for a chance to spot some of the iconic species including Asiatic lions, tigers, one-horned rhinos, Asian elephants, leopards, as well as a stunning range of migratory and endemic birds.

Andaman Islands Scuba Diving Snorkelling Istock 1140853018

India: Andaman Islands

Indulge in world-class snorkeling, scuba diving and deep sea fishing around the remote Andaman Islands.

jaipur literary festival rajasthan india.jpg

India: Jaipur Literature Festival, Rajasthan

Late January is an excellent time to immerse yourself into Rajasthan’s regal splendour and incredibly vibrant culture.

Laos Landscape In Kasi Istock 491830850

Laos and the majestic Mekong

One of Southeast Asia’s finest hidden gems, Laos epitomises the beauty of ‘slow travel’.

Vietnam Mekong Khiri Travel

Vietnam: North and South Vietnam

January is a wonderful time to visit northern and southern Vietnam, especially for a river cruise on the Mekong between the Mekong Delta and Phnom Penh.  

Sri Lanka Whale Watching Pixabay 2193356 1920

Sri Lanka: wildlife and awe-inspiring monuments

January is one of the best times to visit Sri Lanka, especially for whale-watching, birding, wildlife safaris and lush tea plantations.

Thailand Chiang Mai Doi Suthep Pui Temple Pixabay

Thailand: historic monuments and lush scenery

January is an excellent time to explore northern Thailand and for taking a river cruise between the Golden Triangle region in Thailand and Luang Prabang in Laos.

India Kerala Backwaters Houseboat Istock 685979934

India: Kerala and South India

January is a wonderful time to explore Kerala’s pristine backwaters and coastline, and Tamil Nadu and Karnataka’s astounding monuments.

India Gujurat Flamingoes In Kutch Istock 000017571422

Gujurat, India: International Kite Festival

Every year on 14th January, one of the world’s biggest and finest kite flying festivals is organised in the city of Ahmedabad in Western India. January is also an excellent time to see flamingos in Kutch and Asiatic Lions in Sasan Gir National Park.

India Kolkata Victoria Memorial Pixabay 2394784 1920

West Bengal, India: culture & Himalayas

For the history buffs, January is an excellent time to discover Kolkata’s colonial charm and Darjeeling’s tea estates. Enjoy a ride on Darjeeling’s heritage mountain train for stunning Himalayan vistas.