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Family holidays in India and Asia


At The Explorations Company, we all have children and are therefore highly experienced in arranging luxury family vacations in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Borneo, Burma and the Maldives! Family holidays to India and Asia take time and great planning in order to get them absolutely right – and this is our expertise! In 25 years we have never created the same family holiday as each is individually crafted around you!

We can arrange all sorts of exciting experiences – from white water rafting on Himalayan rivers, snorkelling in pellucid waters, camel-trekking through villages on a Thar desert safari, riding elephants through tall grasslands looking for tigers, washing elephants in the river, exploring the Rajasthani wilderness on horseback or its villages by ox-cart; watching the sun rise over Himalayan peaks from a balloon; horse-riding in India, walking, cycling or river rafting in Bhutan, rafting and trekking in Nepal, taking over a fabulous tea garden bungalow in the Eastern Himalayas for Christmas or a family villa on an atoll in the Maldives– the subcontinent is a treasure trove for children of all ages, and is a part of the world where everyone has time for a child.

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Kerala Family Holidays

Located on the Malabar Coast, at the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent, Kerala is a magical place, well-loved by travellers. Luxury Kerala holidays are ideal for a family destination. The travelling distances are relatively short, as it is a small, compact state. Kerala has also consistently enjoyed the highest quality of life in India. This fact, combined with an idyllic climate and lush tropical landscapes, makes it a very easy introduction to India for children of all ages.
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Maldives Family Holidays

The Maldives provide a haven for families simply wanting to get away for sun and relaxation or alternatively, adding it onto India – especially in the winter months of December, January and February.
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sri lanka family holidays.jpg

Sri Lanka Family Holidays

The island of Sri Lanka is shaped like an enormous teardrop falling from the southern tip of India, separated by a series of stepping-stone coral islets. This lovely island has known Portuguese, Dutch and English colonisation, and today still displays a fascinating blend of local and old colonial cultures in a landscape of upland tea plantations, jungles and a coastline of palm-fringed beaches.
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Bhutan Family Holidays

Bhutan may not be the first country in Asia that people think of travelling to for a family holiday, but in truth, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be!
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borneo family safaris.jpg

Borneo Family Holidays

Borneo is a fabulous country to take children on holiday! Sabah (North Borneo) is an excellent place for children, making it ideal for family holidays to Borneo. This is the easiest place to see orangutans and other delightful primates, like the Borneo gibbons and the amazing tarsiers.
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Burma (Myanmar) Family Holidays

Burma – or Myanmar, as it is known today – is a beautiful and mythical country. It allows for a wonderful adventure into a gentle, genuine and unspoilt region that is keen to welcome tourists of all ages and will create a truly unique and unforgettable experience for the whole family.
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nepal family holidays.jpg

Nepal Family Holidays

Nepal can be a magical place for families with the huge diversity of landscapes and possibilities packed into a small and easily accessible country. The lowland jungles provide some of the most exciting possibilities of wildlife-viewing from elephant-back, boats or jeeps, where one can head into the jungle on foot and learn about tracks, signs, recognising different tigers from their pugmarks, identifying birds and butterflies from experts, and much more besides.
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himalayas family holidays.jpg

The Himalayas Family Holidays

The Himalayas offer a truly fantastic holiday experience for an active family. Think about trekking in the western Himalayas - at whatever pace you dictate, arriving at a picnic lunch spot. In the evenings, there are board games to be played. Ladakh offers walking, camping out and white water rafting. Perhaps you might like to visit Corbett and go tiger trekking on the back of an elephant? Then you have the cultural interaction which is superb too. In Nepal, one can go on the back of an elephant again in search of tiger and rhino and trek in the Annapurna mountains for a few hours each day whilst on holiday in the Himalayas.
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Eastern Himalayas Family Holidays

The Eastern Himalayas and North-eastern India are an absolute treasure trove of delights for the active family. One of the best kept secrets in north Bengal is Jaldapara National Park which hosts one of the highest populations of rhinos outside of Kaziranga - and best of all there are hardly any tourists.
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