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Galápagos Holidays - A truly unique wildlife showcase

Nowhere else in the world offers the unique ecosystem that the Galápagos Islands provide. The archipelago is home to an incredible diversity of species – giant tortoises, turtles, vermillion oyster catchers, pelicans, Galápagos hawks, marine and land iguanas, and flamingos, to name but a few and, of course, adorable sealions and their pups, fur seals and penguins, proving perfect for a private Galapagos holiday.

With no natural predators, you are surrounded by endemic species in their hundreds; see albatrosses and their mating rituals; the spectacular and comical dance of the blue-footed booby and impressive frigate birds with their vibrant inflated red pouches.

The marine life is just as impressive as the wildlife on dry land, so you can grab a snorkel and play with the sea-lions if that takes your fancy. Alternatively swim with the dolphins and you might also be rewarded with a glimpse of whales, sharks and manta rays.

If you have taken the opportunity on enjoying your holiday in the Galapagos by private boat you are in for a treat as this is by far the best way to see the different species on each island. We prefer the smaller yachts as they can often head to less frequented landing sites which are not accessible to larger ships. These small yachts and catamarans also offer a friendly, convivial atmosphere on-board with a small number of fellow travellers or make perfect vessels for private charter when travelling with your family or group of friends.

However, we are always happy to advise on larger vessels if you prefer more facilities or greater stability in the water. The catamarans and yachts we recommend feature first-rate expert guides, many with PhD's in their specialist fields and an excellent naturalist-to-client ratio.

We also ensure that all of these yachts take their social and environmental responsibilities very seriously in order to conserve the fragile nature of the archipelago. Many have voluntarily qualified for the ecological certification developed by the Rain-forest Alliance, such as Smart Voyager.

The Galápagos Islands are rightly considered to be one of the world’s most spectacular wildlife destinations and we usually tailor sailings from 7–14 days, depending on the other locations you may like to explore on a mainland Ecuador, although there are shorter cruises from four days if you don’t have much time.

We will always ensure that you get to see the species that interest you, in the way that suits you best and on the very best boat available, so that your Galapagos holiday will be something that you remember and cherish for years to come. We personally select the right itinerary for you from the hundreds on offer which is very important since the Park regulations were changed in 2012.

As we are fortunate enough to have been on many Galápagos holidays, we are as a result very well qualified to talk you through exactly what you can expect to see and when, as well as how so we’ll make sure that your Galápagos holiday experience is beyond any expectation you may of had. As an addition, Peru also makes for a great holiday destination in combination with Galápagos Islands.

For something a bit different or for a wonderful extension to a naturalist cruise around the islands, we can arrange island-hopping and walking tours, concentrating not just on the wildlife but on the geology and history of the islands, enabling you to explore the highlands as well as the coast.

For expert divers we can recommend live-aboard dive boats that take you to the outer islands, for some of the most memorable diving you’ll ever experience.

We would love to hear from you. To find out more about tailormade private Galápagos holidays or to obtain inspiration for a holiday, please contact us by phone or e-mail, or complete our online enquiry form.

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Galápagos Family Holidays

The Galápagos Islands are, we think, one of the most world’s most incredible destinations that are absolutely ideal for families, from youngsters of around five, right up to older children and teenagers.
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Galápagos wildlife cruises

Hopping aboard a small yacht or catamaran with only a handful of fellow guests is a magical way to experience this unique archipelago and discover the incredible diversity of species on the islands.
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Galápagos diving cruises

Experienced divers will be entranced by specialist Galápagos itineraries that take in some of the best dive sites in the world for the chance to swim among vast schools of hammerhead sharks among many other wonderful underwater wonders.
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Island-based tours

Spend a few days staying on one of the few inhabited islands in Galápagos, exploring volcanic craters and mangroves on foot among the birds and land iguanas, or kayaking in secluded coves amongst playful sea lions.
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Private yacht charter

For a family or group of friends, consider chartering a luxuriously modern catamaran vessel for up to 16 passengers, spending days on shore visiting the islands and evenings at sea on deck with a barbeque.
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Private oceanfront villas

If you are spending time with friends and family or celebrating a special occasion, why not stay in your own private beach villa on Santa Cruz complete with chef, housekeeper and private pool.
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Santa Cruz highlands

Discover the lush green hills, giant tortoises and array of endemic birds in the highlands of Santa Cruz, which also offer some wonderful panoramic views over many of the neighbouring islands.
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