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Galápagos wildlife cruises

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Hopping aboard a small yacht or catamaran with only a handful of fellow guests is a magical way to experience this unique archipelago and discover the incredible diversity of species on the islands.

The Galapagos Islands rank as one of the world’s greatest wildlife havens that educate, astonish and delight visitors of any age.

The archipelago is made up of a number of islands way out into the Pacific Ocean off the mainland of Ecuador, which are protected by National Park status, with only four of its 20 islands being inhabited.

The very best way to explore as many of these remote islands as possible, each of which has its own highlights and unique characteristics, is to board a small yacht or catamaran for your Galapagos holiday.

Set sail on a journey of discovery, ideally for around 7 days or more, although shorter cruises are possible. You can be on board from as little as three nights to as long as 14 nights, without landing at the same place twice.

Hop on and off your cruise vessel in the company of expert naturalist guides. You are transferred by inflatable Zodiac boat, known locally as pangas, morning and afternoon and can hike among iguanas, birds and lizards or up to volcanic craters.

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You will also have plenty of opportunities for snorkelling in quiet bays looking out for sharks, rays and sea lions.

Very strict park regulations mean that visitor numbers to each site are carefully controlled each day, making your shore visits a more personal experience.

When the National Park decided to change their regulations in 2012, preventing any vessel from landing at the same site more than once in a two week period, it had a huge impact on the diversity of itineraries on offer to visitors.

Previously travellers to Galápagos often visited very similar landing sites on most cruises. Now not only are these same sites quieter, but also additional sites have been made available - usually for the smaller vessels - which makes discovering this unique place even more special.

Recent additions of beautiful small yachts and catamarans allow us to hand pick the right Galapagos cruise holiday to suit you. Equally it gives much greater flexibility in choosing a cruise itinerary to match with exactly what you wish to see and do.

The time of year, the amount of holiday time you have and the age or special requirements of your party will allow us to select exactly the right yacht, itinerary and cruise length for you.

Whether you are looking for a family specific departure for your children to make new friends on a Galapagos family holiday, or you would like to travel in the company of a renowned professional wildlife photographer, we will discuss which options will make your Galapagos journey the holiday of a lifetime.

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