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Heading to either the Arctic or the Antarctic is the ultimate wilderness expedition voyage even today, and we select only the best ice-class vessels to head to these most remote locations in search of the most incredible wildlife.

Polar expedition ships have come a long way from the basic and purely functional ex-research vessels first used for travellers wishing to head towards 90°. Whilst these ships were undoubtedly the safest vessels for the extreme weather and ice conditions of the Polar Regions, there was little or no concession to passenger comfort onboard. However, in recent years, all this has changed, as these ice-strengthened hull ships have had a makeover and now offer comfortable cabins with lower berth beds, spacious public areas, state-of-the-art equipment and imaginative design.

Finally you can explore the last great wildernesses of the Earth, in greater comfort than ever. Whilst of course the unique wildlife that you will see in the Arctic or Antarctic is clearly the reason for travelling to these pristine waters, having been on the old-style ships ourselves, we know and value the importance of also ensuring the best comfort on such a life-changing journey.

We prefer to recommend the smaller vessels that have the least impact on these fragile and pristine environments, where you are one of a few passengers in an intimate and friendly atmosphere. Equally, we know that your expedition team will be the making of this journey of a lifetime and we take care to select those operators that have the most incredible team of experts onboard to enhance your voyage. Get to know the expert expedition teams on-board, landing easily and quickly at various sites during the day, enabling you to make the most of your time on land.

If you have a taste for the more adventurous, then let us advise you on some truly unique journeys aboard icebreakers that can access more difficult terrain. Perhaps you have a hankering to see majestic Emperor penguins, the largest of their species in the world and which inhabit only the most remote regions of the White Continent. Embark on a sturdy icebreaker that can journey through denser pack ice to bays from which you may access colonies of these remarkable penguins via onboard helicopter.

If you really want to experience these incredible regions with a small handful of like-minded adventurers in the same way as the great explorers of old, and then take to a small sailboat for a truly exhilarating experience, where you may see whales at close quarters off the bow and enter into deserted bays to look for wildlife.

Whether you wish to head south to see penguins, humpback and blue whales, vast glaciers and albatross or north for polar bears, walrus, narwhals and puffins, we will help ensure that your expedition ship and the team on-board, as well as the itinerary you will follow is exactly right for you.

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