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How is Lion conservation being achieved by KopeLion in Tanzania's Ngorongoro Area?

Lion populations are dwindling all over Africa, with now over 90% of their historical range sadly having been lost. The KopeLion project aims to reverse this trend in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area by partnering with local communities to build a region ri...

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What more should we do to protect endangered species?

Sadly so much of the wildlife that we hold so dear is at great threat of extinction. The good news though is that there are still safe havens where you can see these species in the wild and in doing so, also personally contribute to their survival by suppor...

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Where are the best places in Africa to see lions on safari?

Lions in Africa are undoubtedly under extreme threat. For those seeking an experience much deeper in terms of understanding, and would like to help conservation efforts, there are several unique experiences I can wholly recommend.

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How to have peace of mind and travel with confidence during COVID!

I think most of us have reconciled ourselves to the fact that COVID-19, like any virus, will (although hopefully dormant) be around for the foreseeable future even though, like the ‘flu, mutations will continue; at present there are over 50 new mutations re...

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How have The Explorations Company supported conservation and communities in 2021?

As you will already know, we are driven by our mission to ‘give back’ to the places where we operate. With this in mind, I would like to share the good news of the funds that we have raised through our clients who have travelled with us in 2021.

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A collection of value added and thought provoking philanthropic safaris and vacations

New Adventures and New Offerings from The Explorations Company. The company have created their first ever annual ‘January Collection’.

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Why are philanthropic holidays shaping the future for travelers and the luxury travel industry?

2020 has been a year unlike any other. Our charitable partners have lost all their tourism-generated income whilst simultaneously supporting increasing conservation and community needs. Here is an update on how they have fared and how jointly, with your gen...

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How is Ruaha, Tanzania Conserving the Lion Population?

Having visited Ruaha National Park at the end of last year, I was reminded what a wildlife haven this park is, to the exclusion of many other parks in Africa!

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