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Bespoke Safaris

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I really don’t think there is any other way of undertaking a safari these days with complete success unless it is entirely bespoke, which is exactly what we do at African Explorations.

In order to ensure the perfect success of a bespoke safari, one has to really understand what makes that person tick – the sort of accommodation they would most enjoy – from a luxurious lodge complete with butler service, to a small, intimate permanent lodge or tented camp in a beautiful location, to a private mobile tented camp erected purely for you. Then if you would require a private guide to accompany you throughout your safari – and if so, we must ensure they match your personality – then we need to include any particular hobbies or interests that you may have. Perhaps scientific – in which case we would arrange for you to accompany a lion scientist, or go out with an elephant specialist, or a wild dog specialist. Perhaps you might be interested in photography, in which case we would select a guide or camp which facilitates just this – camps that provide bean bags and special platforms for your camera – some camps even have a media room – and then one can even join a specialist photographic safari. You might be a keen birdwatcher, in which case we might even place you on a special Shoebill stork safari.

It may be a wonderful family safari – in which case we would listen carefully to the interests of your children and match them – sending them to places which offered perhaps a private villa complete with skipper and private boat – or a luxury Robinson Crusoe styled place with more watersports than ever imagined! We can arrange for you to spend a day with a Samburu or Maasai warrior, learning about their culture – or even visit a school. You may be a rider travelling with a non rider – that is easily arranged, too! You might want to sail at the end of your safari – just say the word!

Perhaps you simply want something completely luxurious and utterly romantic – we have all the places at our fingertips! Whatever it is you wish to do – we can tailor it to you – perfectly! Bespoke Safaris are, after all, just what we’re about!