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Why Choose a Luxury Safari in Africa?

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Everybody enjoys life's little comforts and being on safari is no different! Having a few luxuries around you makes the experience that much more enjoyable and memorable!

A luxury safari in Africa can mean different things to different people; for some it will be complete isolation, not another tourist in sight, lots of wonderful wildlife to view, fabulous scenery and a private guide and vehicle. For others, it will be about staying in the very best camps and lodges that money can buy. Whatever your style, we can arrange this very easily.

Why be uncomfortable just because you are on a safari? These days, to eat badly is no excuse - it doesn't matter how deep into the bush you are! As long as its fresh, light and imaginative, it simply heightens your experience. The wildlife is a given - and its up to us to suggest the best game rich regions during the period you wish to travel. And if there are four or more of you, we would absolutely recommend a private vehicle and expert guide on your luxury safari in Africa, because a private guide will ensure continuity and exclusivity. It means you can spend as long as you wish with a sighting, and not being annoyed by other travellers who are simply there to tick their lists. Private, tented mobile camps need not be basic either. One can choose from a lightweight camp to a more formal set up, complete with candelabra, great food, Persian rugs and the most comfortable beds and mattresses you can imagine. Pair it with fabulous guiding and you have a winning combination! Perhaps hire a private house or villa in the middle of the bush? This often is the answer if one has a large family or two famillies travelling together. It means that you can spend time bonding with your family or friends, rather than having to make small talk with people you have nothing in common with. For others, whether it is 2 or more of you, having a private luxury tented camp erected for you in the middle of the bush in East Africa, perhaps, means that you can savour this experience and also be a lot closer to the bush itself - giving one a truly authentic experience. I remember having a fly camp set up for me in Katavi National Park, in Tanzania - a wonderful park with few tourists - always an attraction! The camp was set up for just the two of us and we dined at a beautiful table complete with candelabra and the food was exquisite! At sundown, we watched the storks come to roost on the boughs of the trees and we were the only people to camp out in the park. A very special and privileged experience. The fly camp was rudimentary, but had a very thick and comfortable bedroll and one could see the stars above one at night. It was simply magical! Whatever your idea is of a luxury safari in Africa, with 25 years of expertise in arranging tailor made safaris, we are perfectly placed to help you, so call us now to begin your journey of a lifetime!