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What are some of the best places to visit in India?

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I recently arranged a holiday for one of my clients to one of the best places to visit in India. They had already been to India visiting the forts and palaces of Rajasthan as well as the pristine backwaters of Kerala. On top of their wish list was a soft adventure holiday off the beaten track.

Fortunately I had recently been on a fantastic holiday through Central India exploring the spectacular Kanha National Park in search of tigers and the hard ground swamp deer followed by an unforgettable cycling trek experience through the country lanes of Central India.

Central India is well connected by air from Delhi as well as Mumbai. My clients took an internal flight to Jabalpur where they were met by our driver who transferred them to the spectacular Kanha National Park, one of the largest national parks in India. During their stay they enjoyed two game drives daily, keeping an eye out for the elusive tiger, the barasingha and some of the 200 species of birds. Highly knowledgeable owners of the camp accompanied them on each safari to make sure they had a memorable wilderness experience.

After a superb safari experience at Kanha our highly experienced support team arranged for them to make their cycling adventure a success. One of the team members rode with them and the rest of the part made sure the mobile camps were set up before they arrived at each destination.

The family cycled across the pristine forests and tribal villages of Central India heading deeper into Gondwana land ‐ the tribal countryside of Chhattisgarh. It’s a magnificent ride through the agricultural valley, flanked by forested hills and inhabited by mainly Baiga hamlets.

The highlight for them was staying in their very own mobile camp with comfortable cotton mattresses, fresh linen and duvets. Water was heated to bathe and a local meal was prepared by cooks, which was served around a campfire. A truly fantastic experience of a lifetime…

The following day they cycled down the Chilpi Ghat to arrive at Bhoremdeo Sanctuary where they stayed at an owner managed lodge which was an ideal base from where they could walk across to the 11th century temple complex, which exhibits erotic carvings characteristic of the Chandela works of Khajuraho.

After a superb cycling experience, they traveled 2.5 hrs to Raipur to board an internal flight to Kolkata. I thought this was a great extension to their holiday. Kolkata is very well connected by direct flights from Raipur which is Central India.

We arranged a very interesting walking tour of the City’s vast mix of cultures, tracing their origin and remains. The tour included a visit to the famous buildings like the Victoria Memorial, Botanical Gardens and Mother Teresa’s Missionary of Charity.

After an active week in Central India, we arranged a few days at a colonial bungalow set on a 1600 acre tea plantation. They relaxed and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery and serenity that Glenburn is so famous for before returning home.

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