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Are you an Explorations travel expert? Try our quiz!

Jonathan Drew By Jonathan Drew
21 May 2020
Quiz World Traveller Expert Map and compass - Pixabay.jpg

We have compiled an unusual quiz as part of the “Travel From Home” series we are running during the Covid-19 pandemic. The quiz is designed to be challenging, stimulating and amusing; how will you fare?!

Please send us your answers by email to [email protected] by 30th June 2020. Just list the question number and your answer - and any comments! The top prize is a superb pair of Nikon 10 x 50 binoculars! Don't feel you have to answer them all - we will be delighted to read any answers you come up with!


World Travel Expert Quiz

1. Who are we?

Saami tribesmen terribly confused, now herding bovines instead?

2. What am I?

I’ve been an Egyptian seal; my sight is not single-aperture; I have a stellar GPS and I love to play dirty ball.

3. A book title:

A 20th century global conflict that took place in Africa on a Sundae?

4. What two towns or cities are these?

A sailor’s haven from the storm? Two coastal conurbations, one in southern England and one in Eastern Africa, linked very closely by their name.

5. Which two countries are these?

Our currencies cross an orange on equal terms in the Southern hemisphere. 

6. Where do we live?

We may scramble to holes more than a kilometre high but we look down on surrounding Africa.

7. Which country am I in?

It’s raining money in Africa! But it’s the same thing!

8. Who is this girl (first name)?

You are marvellous, Amharic girl. The Beatles never dug you - you are far too old for that - but they gave you your name.

9. Which deceased statesman is this?

“Friends, Africans, countrymen…….” Oh, really!? If it was Shakespeare’s Caesar’s namesake’s mistake he’d never have been a teacher!  

10. A name of a feature:

There be dragons in those hills! Up there a gulet, being smashed, falls from one of the highest places in Africa.

11. Who or what am I?

Bother Sal? Oh, yes, she’s shambolic but also an excellent Asian climber!

12. Where is this?

East of Suez? In this country a baking British author tells us flying fish play whilst dawn thunders and the temple bells tinkle.

13. Where is this?

Alpinists pine for forbidden pleasure but are otherwise in Happiness.  

14. What might this be?

In Serendip, a Mediterranean plant confused wartime Japanese aviators who didn’t like getting wet.

15. Memoirs of whom?

Memoirs from Kobu or Higashi?

16. What’s my name (place)?

First explored by Capt. Forsyth and once Parked, I’m now more Reserved in Madya Pradesh. I feature giant Sciuridae, tuneful Muscicapidae and some (rather elusive) Panthera amongst a C of rugged and beautiful hills.

17. What tasty item is this?

Partakers of, perhaps, lunch are passing by to grab one of these in northern South America. Oh, the answer is right there!

18. Where is this?

Day and night are always equal in this volcanic group. There are even Antarctic residents - and many other unique marvels, too (some blue, you web-footed twit), according to Charles. Unfortunately, though, George has departed.

19. What is this?

How sweet! The usual result of Ghana’s main export marries a geological feature from the Philippines, perhaps? 

20. What’s the title?

See, Emily from Zimbabwe? You managed to call jackals, elephants, coucals, fish eagles and even lion in a gloriously poetic African work. 


I hope you enjoy this quiz and it sparks your imagination for the sublime places that we can’t visit at the moment, but are still present and awaiting our return. I too have been dreaming of far-flung wildernesses, and planning my future travels during this period of stillness.



I recently returned from a wonderful safari to India, where we stayed at the remote and beautiful Kaafila Tented Camp. Owned and run by old friend and expert naturalist Hashim Tyabji, Kaafila opens up the most remote and undiscovered regions of India to a select-few travellers each year.

The camp is totally mobile and private, set up for you and your party in a location that is selected for your own interests and requirements. One can explore Central India’s little-known but wildlife rich wildlife sanctuaries, explore ancient architecture and experience age-old culture. One could also have the camp set up in Ladakh for a private exploration of this starkly beautiful region.


I have also been dreaming of Tanzania and longing for the breath-taking wildlife and endless horizons, the feeling of immense space and complete escapism. I would like to share the below video which so perfectly encompasses everything that I love to see when travelling the world, including the wonders of its wildlife and ecosystems. I hope you also enjoy dreaming for a few minutes!

Please do email us with your answers to our quiz! Don't forget, if you would just like to dream for now, you can do so at our Video Library. I look forward to hearing from you and you are always welcome to contact me if you would like any more information.