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South India luxury Holidays - Where are the best 11 handpicked destinations?

From the stunning temples of Tamil Nadu to palm-fringed backwaters of Kerala; lush coffee estates, jungles and hill-stations of Karnataka to a fascinating medley of Hindu and Islamic heritage along the Deccan Plateau, South India abounds in history and nature.

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How do you create genuine 'Kenyan Bush Cuisine' in your own kitchen?

Improve your cooking skills and learn to make delicious fresh safari-style cuisine in your own kitchen! Spend a few days with expert safari chef Antonia Stogdale on one of her inspirational bush cookery courses as part of your luxury safari to Kenya.

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Where are India's top 12 Culinary holidays and expert cookery classes?

Like most things in India, food is an event, a celebration, and it is one of the core elements that defines the Indian way of life. It’s a process, a journey that is as multifaceted, refined and devotional as any fine art.

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