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Visit Ethiopia’s 10 best holiday destinations

If you have travelled extensively in Africa, as I have, and seek exploration in a country completely different to anywhere else, then I recommend that you consider Ethiopia!

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Why should a holiday to Ethiopia include a visit to the Omo Valley tribes?

For those seeking an authentic interaction with Ethiopian tribes, the Omo Valley has some of the richest and most unique cultures to be found. Here, 16 ethnic groups are retaining their ancient cultures, untouched by the outside world.

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What are the 5 best family holiday experiences in Myanmar (Burma)?

Asia is such a fabulous destination for luxury family holidays, with a massive variety of unique cultures, amazing landscapes, incredible food and very friendly and welcoming people.

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Why is Ethiopia’s Omo Valley region so rich in culture?

Ethiopia is home to some of the most fascinating indigenous tribal communities in Africa and culturally, the highlight of southern Ethiopia is South Omo.

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