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Discover why India's Rajasthan region is so rich in art and architecture!

Travellers visit Rajasthan, India for a multitude of reasons, from art to history and architecture. Rajasthan has so much to offer, from elaborate palaces to exotic temples, magnificent gardens and serene lakes.

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Where are the best holidays and vacations in Nepal? - An expert’s guide

Perched between the mighty empires of India and China, Nepal is a mystical land of towering peaks that has attracted great sages, Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims as well as adventure seekers and mountaineers for centuries.

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Where are India's top 12 Culinary holidays and expert cookery classes?

Like most things in India, food is an event, a celebration, and it is one of the core elements that defines the Indian way of life. It’s a process, a journey that is as multifaceted, refined and devotional as any fine art.

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Where are Sri Lanka’s best wildlife safari destinations?

I recently had the privilege of chatting to one of Sri Lanka’s finest wildlife experts, Ramani Jayewardene, about her views on wildlife conservation in the country and the role and future of sustainable tourism.

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