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The top 5 places to walk off the beaten track in Japan

Personally, I find walking the most rewarding and refreshing mode of all, allowing me to really experience the charm of slow travel. Exploring places on foot with an expert local guide is often the best and least intrusive way to connect with the indigenous...

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Where are the best volcano hiking holiday experiences in Indonesia?

Indonesia is a remarkable country which sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire and houses the largest number and density of volcanoes of any country in the world. With this comes stunning scenery and fantastic volcano hiking opportunities!

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Where are the 4 Best Volcano Hikes in Latin America?

Positioned on one side of the famed Pacific Rim of Fire, Latin America certainly isn’t short of a dramatic volcanic peak or two. The Andes runs like an artery down the continent and is home to some of the highest and most spectacular snow-capped mountains a...

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Why is Bhutan such an extraordinarily special kingdom?

Bhutan is an extraordinarily special kingdom and the only country in the world, where a government policy includes gross national happiness! Druk Yul, as it is otherwise known, is the perfect example of a successful country that preserves its ancient past w...

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