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Where are the Top 6 vacation locations in Costa Rica?

Aptly nicknamed ‘The adventure capital of Central America’, Costa Rica is the place to make you feel alive and raise the pulse. You don’t have to rough it to get your adrenalin kick, there are now some gorgeous hotels and lodges to stay in – between the thr...

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Why is Costa Rica such a perfect destination for luxury family holidays?

Costa Rica makes an ideal family holiday destination for children of all ages. Small, friendly, great value and full of fascinating creatures to discover in the rainforest means even your little ones can enjoy the adventure here.

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New Eco-Friendly conservation ship to be launched in the Galápagos in 2022

If you have the Galápagos Islands on your travel bucket list, you can be one of the first to book an amazing experience on a new eco-friendly conservation ship that is planned for launch in 2022.

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What is the best way to explore the Galapagos Islands in Style?

Making a top list of the world’s best destinations for wildlife is almost impossible or, at least, very contentious, as it is so subjective.

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Where are the best 3 places in China to see Giant Panda in the wild?

The Giant Panda population was down to just 1,000 by the late 1970s and they were declared endangered in 1990. Rampant poaching and rapid destruction of natural habitat had brought them on the brink of extinction.

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Panama's Islas Secas Private Island Holidays perfectly combine conservation and adventure

Islas Secas is the vision of a leading conservation philanthropist interested in sharing the wonders of the archipelago with fellow adventurers and nature lovers.

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Where in Patagonia are Chile’s five new National Parks located?

One of the most exciting stories to come out of Chile in recent times, especially for us nature and wildlife lovers, is the news that five new national parks have recently been created in northern Patagonia spanning some 10 million acres.

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Tibet’s top six travel highlights are included in this tailor made vacation

“Imagine a culture in which everything is geared toward helping all individuals become the best human beings they can be; in which individuals are driven to devoting their lives to becoming enlightened by the natural flood of compassion for others that aris...

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Top five reasons why you should take a tailor-made holiday to Myanmar (Burma) – Asia’s forgotten land, beautiful and mysterious

From opening its doors to tourism just a handful of years ago, Myanmar (Burma) is slowly becoming a highly desirable destination for its charming landscapes and friendly people without being surrounded by throngs of tourists.

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The opening of luxury lodge Awasi Iguazu, at Iguazu Falls in Argentina

There is nothing small scale about the magnificent waterfalls that straddle the border between Argentina and Brazil in South America. Called Iguazu or Iguaçu Falls depending on what side of the border you are, these dramatic falls reputedly and famously imp...

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Why should you consider a Nicaragua holiday tailor made to your requirements?

Nicaragua has rather stolen my heart with its mix of history both old and new, some breath-taking scenery and totally unspoilt coastlines bordering two oceans.

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