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Where to go to India to experience the height in luxury

Renowned for its traditional philosophy of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, which literally translates to “the guest is equivalent to God”, you can expect to be treated to the finest hospitality on your luxury holiday in India. Asia expert Chinmay Vasavada shares his t...

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How can responsible tourism help to save the tiger?

Tigers have held a mystical place in our imaginations for millennia. They’re one of the main species travellers yearn to see on a safari to India, yet their very existence is under threat due to human influences. Find out how your own safari can help tiger ...

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What more should we do to protect endangered species?

Sadly so much of the wildlife that we hold so dear is at great threat of extinction. The good news though is that there are still safe havens where you can see these species in the wild and in doing so, also personally contribute to their survival by suppor...

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Where in India are the best places to go on a horse riding holiday?

Travel can help make a long-term and tangible difference through sustainable and responsible investment in nature, wildlife, and communities. My colleague Anthea calls it “travelling with a heart”.

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Where are the best holidays and vacations in Nepal? - An expert’s guide

Perched between the mighty empires of India and China, Nepal is a mystical land of towering peaks that has attracted great sages, Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims as well as adventure seekers and mountaineers for centuries.

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Where are the top two travel destinations in Asia this year?

This time of the year, when the rest of the world is recovering from Christmas frenzy, there is tremendous anticipation and excitement across Japan for Fukubukuro or ‘lucky bags’.

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How does Reni Pani Jungle Lodge combine an authentic Indian wildlife experience, new levels of luxury and responsible tourism?

In Central India, a particular favourite of mine is Reni Pani Jungle Lodge in Satpura National Park (Madhya Pradesh) for the experiences that they offer in terms of wildlife but also for what they are investing in the local community.

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What are Asia's most endangered species?

World Wildlife Conservation Day on December the 4th raises awareness of the troubles many well-loved endangered species face in their fight for survival. Many issues are due to human conflicts and this is just as true in Asia as in the rest of the world.

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Davina Roberts shares her 5 favourite travel books

For those who love to travel the next best thing other than actually getting on a plane is to journey through the pages of a book set in lands afar and dream of one’s next adventure. My favourite books are varied and all, in my mind, travel inspirational.

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